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Father’s Day – Love the skin he’s in!

Yes, it’s that time of year when it’s completely acceptable to give Dad great grooming and unleash the power of pampering 📦 💖 👌🏻🌟 After all, how often does HE stock up on skincare essentials? We’ve got your Father’s Day … Continue

Father’s Day – ‘The New Fresh’

No-one likes a dirty daddy, so here are the best masculine body washes, currently worth getting in a lather over… Continue

Avery Perfume Gallery: ‘R’

Lets face it, beauty halls are intimidating! If Im honest, their particular blend of high energy disco music with a melange of heady scents can be a total turn off…… Continue

Miller Harris – Scherzo and Tender

When it comes to Parisian decadence combined with London street style, no one bottles it better than the iconic brand of… Continue

Genaissance De La Mer The Infused Lotion

Meet the newest member of the Genaissance De La Mer’s collection and our newest addition to our Grooming repertoire… Continue

Buly 1803 – Creme Pogonotomienne Shaving Cream

With the worst of winter finally seeming to be over, we can now turn our attention to spring with greater confidence in the better… Continue

Daimon Barber Hydrate & Heal Shave System

With the New Year having rolled in with alarming speed and resolutions fleeting fast, make sure you begin your year right and kick the January blues by seeking the perfect shave. But, oh Grooming Guide… Continue

All She Wants for Mother’s Day…

If you’re struggling with what to buy this Mother’s Day, with little time left to go, don’t worry! We have done the leg work… Continue

Jo Loves – Personalised Pomelo Candle

With Mother’s Day is fast approaching, perhaps its wise to consider an alternative to the usual “I love mum” card… Continue

L’Oreal Vita Lift Range

Here at Grooming Towers, we receive a wealth of products through our doors, all vying for their place in… Continue