Miller Harris – Scherzo and Tender

‘No ordinary scents!’

When it comes to Parisian decadence combined with London street style, no one bottles it better than the iconic brand of Miller Harris. Renowned for their injection of colour and artistry into classic perfumery, they create complex couture fragrances with an edge! So, when it comes to the launch of their latest creations, ‘why?’ we hear you ask should you limit yourself to just one?

And that is exactly what Miller Harris have done, broken away from the concept of one defining fragrance to create the duo of Scherzo and Tender. Inspired by Scott Fitzgerald’s Tender is the Night, his fourth and final novel which he considered to be his greatest, Tender is the Night reflects Fitzgerald’s own life in all its turmoil and vibrance. Like the striking nature of this novel which was designed to provoke response in its readership, these fragrances boldly stand as a statement of Miller Harris’ identity.

The moment you spy the packaging you will immediately recognise that these were no ordinary scents, with bold colours and original designs, setting the tone for the product within. The first fragrance Scherzo captures a vibrant scent, intense and sweet reflective of a multitude of blooms, including distinctive notes of tangerine, liquor and oudh. This half of the duo encapsulates Fitzgerald’s concept of a ‘confectioner’s window’, bright and enticing!

Enter Tender, the second and more seductive of these two fragrances. This darker fragrance still contains surprising notes of sweetness, such as pink pepper and hyacinths, yet is undercut by deeper tones of frankincense and musk. This conjures up images of a deeper yearning and emotion than Scherzo, taking you seamlessly from day to night with a lingering warmth.

Unlike Fitzgerald’s novel Tender is the Night, which grew gradually in acclaim to reach literary status, we predict that this duo of fragrances will cause an instant stir! In addition to demanding instant popularity, these fragrances are also worth of lasting status.

By Hannah Deuce

Verdict: ‘A novel in a bottle’
Price: £140 for 100ml

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