Miller Harris – Le Cedre

‘Complex yet effortless…’

Miller Harris’ Perfumers Library is back with a new and unconventional scent for the summer, Le Cedre. Appealing to “an explorer”, it develops throughout the day allowing the wearer to discover it’s different notes.

With the first spray, the top layer reveals Cedarwood and Pepper (a mix of pink and black). A hint of Mimosa follows as you explore and uncover Le Cedre’s changing ways, and finally when the Black Orchid hits, the fragrance becomes warm with a dash of sweetness.

Keeping in line with Miller Harris’ minimalist style, this scent is complex without being overbearing. So the scent will be noticed for all the right reasons as it sits effortlessly on your skin. So grab your compass and map, splash on Le Cedre, and explore what it has to offer.

Michael Tsenti

Verdict: ‘subtle scent to turn heads this summer’
Price: £155 for 100ml

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