Korres – Golden Krocus Ageless Saffron Elixir

‘Drops of liquid gold’

Though the winter may be freezing all around us, here at Grooming Towers we are dreaming of far off lands drenched in summer sun and luxury. It is from such idyllic and dreamy locations that Korres draw their knowledge for their rich and remarkable skincare products, using resources such as the 6,500 native plant species in Greece to create truly inspired oils, serums and creams.

Enter the crown jewel of korres’ skincare collection, the Golden Krocus Ageless Saffron Elixir. Get ready to burnish your skin! So why do we love it so much? Is it the delicately engineered balance of all natural ingredients to suit even the most sensitive of skin? Or the lightweight feel and divine texture which absorbed seamlessly into the skin? Or is it the way which it starts to take effect from first use? Well, all of these answers are true! And more…

Korres bio-chemicaly formulate their products so that every ingredient serves a purpose and sits in perfect balance. Indeed they have even won not one but two Nobel Science Awards for their work in botany and pharmacology, so they really know their stuff!

From before the lid of this elixir is lifted, you will be in love with this product as even the bottle exudes an air of luxury and timeless, golden elegance. The serum within is even more seductive, it is finely crafted from Greek Krocus flowers which bloom and are harvested for only two weeks a year, before having the serum extracted within 24 hours, creating a rare yet refined ingredient.

From first use this elixir works to target a multitude of concerns, including dark-spots, pigmentation, firming, lifting and skin immunity, resulting in glowing skin. These little drops of liquid gold really do it all!

By Hannah Deuce

Verdict: ‘Our new golden go to’
Price: £ for 30ml
Availability: https:// www.Johnbellcroyden.co.uk

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