Jo Malone – Myrrh & Tonka

‘Gyspet not jetset!’

Here at Grooming Towers, we are often surrounded with scents that beguile and entice, each fragrance fighting to get noticed, and be worn. So when Jo Malone’s newest fragrance Myrrh & Tonka quietly crept under the radar and into our office, we were initially unaware that it would prove so intoxicating.

This captivating juice has Omumbiri Myrrh at its heart, Tonka follows to create an interesting balance. The whispers of warm Almond and lush Vanilla create a scent that is masculine and feminine, intoxicating but not overpowering and confident yet subtle.

This big hearted scent is well suited to urban nomads everywhere. So if like us you find it hard to remain still, yet need to be noticed when you travel Myrrh and Tonka should suit you well! A word of warning use sparingly and think gypset not jetset, and with just one spritz you will be transported!

Price:£105 for 100ml Cologne Intense
Verdict: ‘gypset bottled’
Available: visit or call 08000542411 for stockists.

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