Jo Loves – White Rose and Lemon Leaves Personalised Candle

‘The scent of spring!’

Guys, sometimes it’s not all about us… Every now and then, there’s a scent for the girls that we just can’t ignore! This week that scent is Jo Loves’ latest, White Rose and Lemon Leaves in candle form, or to put it simply the smell of Spring!

Inspired by the Norma Jean Rose, a white varietal with a fresh note, this scent takes a traditional fragrance note and transforms it into a zesty, bright and subtly sweet scent. The top notes of Lemon Peel and Pink Pepper create a zesty first impression, whilst White Rose oil, Geranium and Violet infuse the lemon with bursting bud vibrancy. If this all sounds a little light and giddy, then relax this olfactory journey heads somewhere more serious with darker notes of Amber and Honey.

Our guys found it warm and fragrant, bringing to mind rose buds emerging from winter-blasted bushes. So even if spring doesn’t come as promised, this scent can transport you there. Just light, retire to your man cave, close your eyes and smell the sunshine!

Verdict:Breathe new life into your man cave
Price:£65.00 for 200g or £50.00 without personalisation

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