Jo Loves – Personalised Pomelo Candle

“The mother of all gifts!”

With Mother’s Day fast approaching, perhaps it’ll be wise to consider an alternative to the usual “I love mum” card or chintzy toiletry set. Jo Loves could revolutionise your gift-giving with their Personalised Pomelo candle.

Firstly, it smells delightful with the Jo Loves’ signature Grapefruit infused, Citrus scent which is reminiscent of high days, holidays and the arrival of spring. What’s more it has a lengthy burn time of 37.5 hours, so you know that her’home’ will smell delightful for weeks, while reminding her of you obviously! Also its presentation is the peak of chic, as it comes boxed in a lavish gift box, with a silver and glass lid and opulent red bow.

Crucially what we love most about this candle is how it can be personalised. For only an extra £15, you can request  a bespoke label with your mother’s name to be applied by hand. That’s right, by hand. Because your mum is your mum, right? She completely deserves all the love and affection on Mothering Sunday, leaving her feeling special, and that’s exactly what the Jo Loves – Personalised Pomelo Candle will do.

By James Linton and Hannah Deuce

Verdict: ‘The perfect gift for Mother’s Day’
Price: £55 for 200g candle with a personalisation service for an extra £15

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