Jaguar – Pace Accelerate

‘For men who live in the fast lane.’

Crafted with the same loving care that goes into making Jaguar cars, the Jaguar Pace Accelerate is for the man who craves the challenges in his life. Displayed in a sleek bottle that oozes elegance, it is the perfect tool to unleash a man’s inner Jaguar. And for those men who have to shave regularly, this fragrance can be worn everyday, without it becoming stale or forgettable.

Accessible to all, this fragrance blends together a combination of cool spices including Coriander, Juniper, Nutmeg and Pepper, which is guaranteed to get that adrenaline flowing. Scents of Jasmine and Lily-of-the-Valley help to compliment that high-octane lifestyle.

Think Jaguar and you think style, this bottle is no exception. Its intensely masculine design boasts a black, red and aqua colour scheme, which is simple but powerful. Domed with a black-topped, metallic silver cap and adorned with the legendary “Growler” emblem, this fragrance will accelerate into your bathroom cabinet.

So, if you’re looking for a fragrance that will match a high voltage lifestyle, then look no further. The luxurious Jaguar Pace accelerate will get the adrenaline roaring in your veins.

James Linton

Verdict: ‘Potent and Powerful’
Price: £44.00 for 100ml
Available: and selected perfumers and department stores.

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