Help: Clear Skin Men

“Control your skin the natural way!”

Here at The Grooming Guide, we know that everyone has bad skin days from time to time. We also understand that for certain people this can happen more frequently and affect their confidence! Thankfully, Works has developed a natural supplement, in powder form, made with ingredients that can clear the skin in only six short weeks. With ingredients that are scientifically proven to fight skin impurities like Fraventin, Aloe Vera, and Oligofructose, this product promises to heal and detoxitfy the skin naturally to achieve a smooth, even complextion.

The regimen is simple: take a sachet of powder only twice a day (perhaps with breakfast and dinner). The good news is that the powder can be taken by dissolving it in water, or other non-carbonted drinks and soft food, without affecting the taste. This routine will ensure that you get the required dosage of Lactoferrin. This essential ingredient, found in the bioactive milk protein Fraventin has been shown to reduce the development of bacteria that is responsible for many skin impurities and helps prevent the development of blemishes. Finally a chance to say goodbye to problem skin naturally from within!

Verdict: “a simple and effective way to treat problem skin”

Price: £9.99

Availability: available from GNC stores and at

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