Harry’s – Truman Shave Set

‘Minimalist, modern, and quality shave’

For most guys, not only is shaving a complete inconvenience but once you get round to doing it, you’re often left with redness, rashes and probably a slightly dodgy-looking beard which does not emulate the David Beckham-esque stubble that you originally envisaged. This is why Harry’s have created a high-quality shaving set which is specifically aimed to compete with leading market brands but for a more forgivable price, satisfying the needs of the customer.

The design consists of the Truman handle available in Total Orange, Nautilus Blue and Olive 107. Its rubberised, matte grip contains strategically placed grooves which enable the customer to have more control when maneuvering the blades. The ‘connector’ and the ‘pusher’ are also co-moulded with grips to ensure an effortless removal and replacement of heads. A flex hinge, a lubricating strip and a precision trimmer are also included to ensure that you can reach those tricky crevices and get rid of every last hair down to the root.

What’s more unlike other razor blades, Harry’s wanted to create a product that doesn’t look like you are about to hack at your face with a high-tech, triple-powered lawn mower. This little piece of machinery is trendy, modern and minimalist, achieving the quality of shave that you want without looking too intimidating. The set also comes with 3 German engineered blade cartridges, 1 travel blade cover and a shaving gel (4.0oz) which lathers into a rich foam or a shaving cream (3.4oz) with a smooth and luxurious texture. Both products enable the razor to glide effortlessly over the skin, guaranteeing the perfect shaving experience. At only £14, I think this product is definitely worth the pennies because the tissue-on-the-face look is never a good one…..let’s be honest guys!

By Ella Bull

Verdict:‘upgrade your daily shave’
Price: £14.00
Available: www.harrys.com

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