Harry’s – Skincare Range

‘Refreshed and rejuvenated despite the winter winds’

When temperatures plummet and winter weeks turn into months, then battling the elements becomes a daily ritual played out by us all. So here’s an idea, if you don’t let winter take its toll on your spirits, then why let it wreak havoc on your skin? Enter Harry’s Skincare range, new from our favourite shave market disruptor.

Here at The Grooming Guide we hold innovation and quality in high regard, and that is exactly what the team at Harry’s deliver. What’s more through the development of an evolved business model Harry’s are able to sell their product online straight from the factory, thus cutting out the middle man and enabling the sale of quality products at, yes you’ve guessed it… affordable prices!

In Harry’s signature green and silver branded packaging, the skin care range sure catches the eye. Then  and once opened each product exudes its own distinctive and refreshing scent which is formulated from a unique combination of natural oils and extracts. From the Shave Gel and Post-Shave Balm which exude notes of Aloe to cushion for a smooth shave and soothe the skin, to the Face Wash infused with Peppermint to exfoliate for lasting freshness, this range will leave your face feeling refreshed a rejuvenated despite the winter winds.

Other products in this range include a Shave Cream, which comforts and protects even the most sensitive of skin with its blend of Eucalyptus with ingredients such as Coconut Oil and Cucumber extract and the Hydrating Face Lotion, perfect to look forward to the summer months in the distance as it offers SPF 15 protection.

So go on..with the use of Harry’s skincare products, prepare to get your game face on and defy the winter weather!

Hannah Deuce

Verdict: ‘go on, get your groom on!’
Price: £3.50 – £7
Availability: www.harrys.com/en/gb

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