Gruhme – No. 14

‘Power packed perfume’

Gruhme’s approach to making No.14 is one we can really get on board with. It’s a bold move taking their original Gruhme fragrance and giving its already rich citrus aroma more punch (14% more punch to be exact). Sure, the bottle has that minimalist, stealth-bomber vibe to it, but there’s a full on tropical pool party going on on the inside, complete with Screwdrivers, Tequila Sunrises and more alcohol-based orangey goodness. For lovers of citrus (and we know there are many!) this is one well-worth checking out. The fact that it’s 100% British made was enough to seal the deal for us!

The fragrance itself is all about mid-range dominance, with sweet tangy overtones booming at first spray. Applied right and left to settle, the pool party turns into an intimate evening soiree; the immediate tang gives way to an unexpectedly warm mid-range while the zesty burst of fresh citrus turns into warmer Bergamot hues. Gruhme also quite rightly boast about the inclusion of Petitgrain, which really starts to bloom about 5 minutes after spraying, adding a luxurious level of earthy nuance to the fragrance. Muted base notes of Juniper Berry and Patchouli Heart tie it all off neatly, and really allow the citrus to take centre stage. Here at grooming towers we think the strength of this scent makes it best worn as an evening fragrance, whether it’s an evening suit & tie occasion or a night of samba…

Tom Rhys

The Verdict: ‘all british, tropical blast’
Price: £45.00 for 100ml
Available: head to

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