Givenchy – Hydra Sparkling, Express Fresh Moisturising Masks.

‘The New Fresh!’

Late nights, busy schedules and environmental exposure can all wreak havoc with our skin, so wearing a decent SPF and moisturiser, really are key! When it comes to superior skincare, Givenchy have been one of my go to brands since 2019, so when it comes to ‘saving face’ I reach for a product from their ‘Hydra Sparkling’ range.

So how do YOU replenish your water reserves? I ask because all that may be about to change! To celebrate the 10 year anniversary of their ‘Hydra Sparkling’ range, Givenchy have launched a product.
Their ‘Express Fresh Moisturising Masks’ could take you from lack lustre to lush, by delivering effective hydration in one simple step…. I know because I’ve tried them!

Now for the science. Their ‘light moisturising’ action comes thanks to a network of constantly available water bubbles within the skin. The ‘light energising action’ effervesces, promoting skin renewal and enabling all the skins layers to be irrigated. Confused? Don’t be! Application is childs play.

To restore radiance, simply unfold the stretch weave mask, position it to the shape of your face and smooth out any air bubbles. Leave for a couple of minutes, and if there is any excess product rub it into your skin. I was visibly shocked by the results, which included a brighter, smoother, less stressed looking face, and no wrinkles! Travel friendly and with a generous 14 (count them) masks in a pack. I say get these is your washbag…and be quick about it!

Tester: Nick Cox
Verdict: ‘saving face’
Price: Around £44

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