Givenchy Gentleman Only – Eau De Toilette Fraiche

‘Subtle and seductive scent’

Givenchy Gentlemen Only – Eau De Toilette Fraiche is the fourth fragrance in the Gentlemen Only collection, and from the first squirt, it is clear that this is one seductive scent. In my case, inhaling created a feeling of intimacy akin to yearning for a long gone lover… I kid you not. It’s undoubtedly masculine too… Let’s just call it an olfactory ode to every boyfriend I’ve ever had… Or may hope to have!

So exactly what ingredients cast this spell? This alluring anytime, anywhere scent infuses a combination of Lemon, Nepal Mint, and a hearty emanation of Sage Haiti Vetiver and Ambroxan. Here at Grooming Towers, we know that upscale fragrances can sometimes overpower as if to prove the point of investing in them. So it’s great to see Givenchy Gentlemen Only hold back and produce an offering of real subtlety where the fragrance, not the brand does the talking. This is a scent that beguiles, and I think it’s just perfect to add elegance, for a man who wants to create and leave an impression.

Libby Smith

Verdict: ‘every boyfriend I’ve ever had…bottled!’
Price: £63.00
Available: from May

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