Genaissance De La Mer The Infused Lotion

“Soft and smooth with instant results”

Meet the newest member of the Genaissance De La Mer’s collection and our newest addition to our Grooming repertoire: The De La Mer Infused Lotion. But what is the Genaissance De La Mer collection? It’s the latest brainchild of the Max Huber Research labs. When Dr Max Huber had a laboratory accident, he turned to the sea to improve the look of his skin and the result was Creme De La Mer. Then from this came the Genaissance De la Mer Collection, read on!

De La Mer has fast become a staple of our grooming repertoire for a multitude of reasons, including its rich heritage, seductive brand, iconic scent and appearance, but most of all because it has truly done wonders for our skin. Living and working in the heart of London has led to our skin becoming dry and tired, but the Infused Lotion helped to perk it up from first use.

The lotion which lies within this bottle is nourishing and hydrating, appearing in separated layers, yet when shaken like a high-class salad dressing combines to form a lotion with an absolutely delicious smell! The application couldn’t be smoother either, as you need only the tiniest of drops on your finger to massage into your face which will leave your skin feeling firmer and smoother. Additionally, it is fast drying, completely soaking into your skin so as to not leave behind any sticky residue.

This complete firming and smoothing action which targets multiple issues is down to the magic ingredient: De La Mer’s ‘The Crystal Miracle Broth’. But what are the benefits of this? the Crystal Miracle Broth is slow-crafted to support skin’s natural renewal, help fight off any skin irritations, and bolster skin’s healing powers. An all-round treatment in one application.

By James Linton with contributions from Hannah Deuce

Verdict: ‘THE moisturiser for men’
Price: £190 for 150ml

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