Estee Lauder – The Nutritious Micro-Algae Collection

‘Skin drinkable solutions for city skin’

Life is tough for city guys. Pollution can take its toll on faces and skin. Cue Estee Lauder and its new four product Nutritious Micro-Algae collection. Its Pore Purifying Cleansing Jelly, Hydra Lotion, Cleansing Bar and Shake Tonic, are guy friendly grooming solutions that work together to restore purity and balance to your boat race.

Inspired by Korea and manufactured in Japan, these products have a distinctly Oriental influence. Containing nutritious Micro-Algae to hydrate and rejuvenate the skin they are a skin drinkable cocktail of Chlorella, Spirulina and Laminar Saccharina. If these scientific names leave you feeling all at sea, don’t stress, all you need know is that these products are made from micro and macro algae which are rich in vitamins, minerals, chlorophyll and amino acids.

At Grooming Towers, we rate these products for their smooth and simple application. For the Cleansing Jelly and Bar and Hydra Lotion, just twice a day, lather and massage them across your face. With the Shake Tonic, shake well and then moisten a cotton pad and sweep it over your skin. Follow these simple steps to remove the impurities that build up throughout the day and night.

The Shake-Tonic and Hydra Lotion proved to be just as popular with our testers. The Shake Tonic has a unique micro-clay phase designed to instantly absorb excess oil which is great for guys that want to look matte under pressure. The Hydra Lotion in turn hydrated our faces for the whole day leaving us looking rugged not rough. Show me one guy that doesn’t want fresher feeling and healthier looking skin…!

James Linton

Verdict:‘fresher feeling and healthier looking skin’
Price: Cleansing Bar: £20.00, Cleansing Jelly: £21.00, Shake Tonic: £21.00, Hydra Lotion: £36.00

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