Escentric Molecules 04

‘Subtle smooth and seductive!’

With our desks groaning under the weight of scent after scent after scent, it’s easy to become overpowered by the very latest in EDPs and EDTS! Craving a different approach to fragrance Escentric Molecules 04 arrived at exactly the right moment and seduced us with its subtle, smooth and understated scent. But how? Maybe it’s the woody Sandalwood oil which contrasts with the crisp, bitter topnotes of Grapefruit Zest. What’s more Marijuana, yes you read right Marijuana, is used to soften the oh, so bitter Grapefruit….is there anything this little plant can’t do?

We love Escentric Molecules 04 for its versatility, rather like the special effects in a film it will enhance your own image without being too distracting. It has the potential to be worn anywhere. Red carpet events? Definitely. Fancy dinners? You go, guy! So what of the actual bottle? With an emphasis on the science and chemistry behind the fragrance, you’ll feel brighter just looking at it as the gold-tinted bottle is adorned with circuitry. Thanks a lot, Escentric Molecules, for showing us that smart scents are the new sexy!

By James Linton

Verdict: ‘Subtle and understated’
Price: £36 for 30ml Travel Size Refill, £46 for 30ml Travel Size Metal Case & Refill and £79 for 100ml bottle

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