Dunhill Icon – Racing

‘Sporty sophistication’

You heard it here first..the latest fragrance that really should rally to pole position, underneath your tree this Christmas, should be Dunhill Icon – Racing. I mean, even before spritzing the scent I was seduced by the most sophisticated packaging I’ve seen in a long while. Think coloured British racing green flacon, with an engine turned texture, that’s also reassuringly heavy in the hand. Let’s just say if this was a car, you couldn’t afford it!

So what of the juice within? Well, Lavender and Middle Eastern Oud wood combine to create a unique, but undoubtedly masculine scent which is further enhanced by Black Pepper and Cardamom. Smouldering base note of Oris Leather, left our testers with a sense of warmth. Let’s face it on icy days like today, we could all use a little warmth.

We know from experience that a gentleman is seldom smelt before entering a room. Happily, in common with many of our favourite fragrances, Dunhill Icon – Racing, does its best work in the background. If a fragrance can have your back, and also allow you to smell like a better version of yourself, then its its a winner! Think of it as your fragrant wing man, thanks Dunhill, what’s not to love!

James Linton

Verdict: ‘fragrant wingman’
Price: £84 for 100ml

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