Dr Sebagh – Supreme Maintenance Youth Serum

“Rejuvenation bottled!”

With a million and one serums currently on the market, why do we rate this one so highly?

Essentially Dr Sebagh has one of the finest skincare brands money can buy. His background in skin maintenance treatments (think Botox, Collagen and vitamin injections) was expertly honed at his London practice. He currently holds the reputation for being THE doctor who could make you look younger, without putting you under the knife. And what’s more his guy friendly product range, just does what is says on the tin. A case in point is the Supreme Maintenance Youth Serum. Our testers loved this pint sized power product, both its ease of application and the instant results which included skin tightening and increased radiance.

Techy guys will love its pipette/dropper system, which will allow you to control exactly how much serum you need… a heads up it won’t be much, as a little goes a long way. Its efficacy is down to Restravol aka the Youth Molecule, which encourages celluar growth. With Dr Sebagh Supreme Maintenance Youth Serum stress lines and panda eyes simply disappear..now you are selfie ready! Thanks? You’re welcome!

James Linton

Verdict: ‘The perfect pint sized power product!’
Price: £215 for 60ml
Availability: www.libertylondon.co.uk

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