Daimon Barber Hydrate & Heal Shave System

“The best in shaving…boxed!”

With the New Year having rolled in with alarming speed and resolutions fleeting fast, make sure you begin your year right and kick the January blues by seeking the perfect shave. But, oh Grooming Guide, there are 101 different shaving kits out there. How do I know which one to use?

Well, we are massive fans of the Daimon Barber Hydrate & Heal Shave System. For us, it stands out in a market which is awash with shaving kits. But why do we rate this one so much? Perhaps it has everything we could ask for in one box.

Daimon Barber, renowned for innovation and quality within the grooming sphere has excelled expectations with this tripartite Shaving System, consisting of an Exfoliating Cleanser, a Honeybee Complex & Propolis Shave Cream and a Cooling Post-Shave Balm, all paraben free with ingredients sourced form the UK for a finely crafted, irresistible product. And no fear, if your razor is about to give up. Because for a limited time only, this gift set also comes with a Precision 6 blade razor set.

But just how clean is this shave? Well, our testers said it was the cleanest shave they ever had. The Exfoliator cleansed, polished and brightened their skin through its combination of antioxidants to prepare skin for the closest of shaves. The Shave Cream provided deep levels of lasting moisturise by softening hairs for a close shave and combining innovative ingredients such as Filagrin to produce the most luxurious of feels. Finally the Post-Shave balm comforted and calmed skin through its lightweight formula designed for rejuvenation and comfort.

So, as you shake those January blues and tackle the start of the year, make sure you do so with the most refreshing shave you’ll ever have. It’ll be the ideal way to kickstart your year.

By James Linton with contributions Hannah Deuce

Verdict: The cleanest of clean shaves
Price: £70 (Now 50% off at Harvey Nichols)
Availability: www.daimonbarber.co.uk

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