Czech and Speake – Villa Ausonia

‘An instant classic’

Choosing a new fragrance can be tricky, I know from experience. I’m currently set adrift on a sea of scent, being punched on the nose by ‘Sports’ fragrances and overpowered reek from heavy ‘Ouds’. Let’s just say that sniffing out a sophisticated scent, that’s fresh AND sensual is currently a challenge.

So the latest addition to the Czech and Speake fragrance family, Villa Ausonia is cause for celebration. Created by the brands founder and creative director, Frank Sawkins ‘Villa Ausoniais’ is an olfactory ode to the exhilarating freshness of the Atlantic coastal breezes of South West France, as well as the lingering sappy scent of pine forests.

Top Notes:


Middle Notes:

New Mown grass
Ho Wood (Camphor)

Bottom Notes:

Who better than Sawkins (who has a house in the area) to oversee a fragrance, named after the first Roman Governor who historically brought vines to Bordeaux from Rome. He has created a modern, light and and androgynous fragrance which is a breath of salty and sensual fresh air….and an instant classic!

Verdict: ‘an instant classic’
Price: £125 for 100ml

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