Byredo – Unnamed Perfume

‘Get set…gypset!’

Since its launch in 2006 Byredo has helped to define the concept of niche fragrance. A decade of olfactory swingers getting high on its modern and luxurious scents is something worth celebrating, and in typical Gorham style it’s the launch of a fragrance with no name!

Well…. actually the fragrance is called Byredo Unnamed Perfume, and included with each flacon is a sheet of letter transfers and a transfer pen. Are you following? The idea is that rather than allowing the name of the fragrance to define how you perceive it, you have free reign to wear it, live with it, and then label it yourself.

So what of the juice itself? Created by his longtime collaborator Jérôme Epinette it has top notes of Gin and Pink Pepper; middle notes of Orris Root and Violet and base notes of Oakmoss and Balsam Fir. Initial signs are fresh sparkling and up tempo, but it’s no time at all before all I can decipher is a gourmand fruitiness, which becomes musky and powdery as it settles on my skin.

I’ve yet to experience a Byrdeo fragrance that I didn’t like….. but this one comes close. If you like the ‘sweet smell of success’ bottled…. then welcome home. It’s just that personally I prefer my fragrance more pinpointed, so it’s back to spritzing the Super Cedar for me!

Verdict: ‘sweet smell of success’
Price: £90 for 50ml and £135 for 100ml
Available: Byredo retailers worldwide and on

Nick Cox

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