Blackwood for Men – Body and Hair Wash Collection


Manufactured in Japan, the four piece ‘Blackwood Body and Hair Wash Collection’ is masculinity…bottled! It’s set to be the cornerstone of any man’s grooming ritual, and is perfectly suited to men who live in the urban jungle. No surprise then, that you won’t find any frills or novelties here. In fact here at grooming towers we can’t help thinking that their matte black packaging is just as dark and brooding as the men that are destined to use them.

The juice within is gentle enough to be used every day, to revitalise hair and wake up tired bodies. Formulated from a range of ingredients including Green Tea, Tsubaki Oil, Licorice Root and Coconut Oil, these products are entirely free of harsh chemicals. After all, we are exposed to enough pollutants in our everyday life, so why would we want more?

Simply using the Active Man Daily Shampoo and Conditioner together is enough to hydrate and nourish your hair and scalp. And if your hair is tired and limp as a five year old mop, with strands as straggly as spaghetti then Blackwood can help…it can restore your hair, and also your self-confidence!

We rate the Body and Face Wash and reckon it will hit your senses like a shot of adrenaline while protecting you against dirt, oil and dead skin. The Body Wash is scented with menthol to moisten your skin and leave you smelling fresh as a man can get. If you were looking for that extra something for your early morning grooming routine try Blackwood, and let it take care of your face and hair, so you can take care of business.

By James Linton

Verdict: ‘a shot of grooming adrenaline ‘
Price: Body Wash $16.99 for 9.02 FL.OZ (266.67ml), Shampoo $17.99 for 8.92 FL OZ (263.73ml), Conditioner $17.99 for 9.09 FL.OZ (268.75ml) Face Wash $12.99 for 4.94 FL.OZ (140ml)
Availability: Ulta Beauty Stores or

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