Avery Perfume Gallery: ‘R’

‘Bespoke Bottled!’

Let’s face it, beauty halls are intimidating! If I’m honest, their particular blend of high energy disco music with a melange of heady scents can be a total turn off! May I suggest that you take a trip to the Avery Perfume Gallery in London instead, its environment is far more male friendly, as men in Modena, Milan and Los Angeles will also testify!

At “Avery”, it’s all about a personal service. You can forget perfume ‘trends’ as the niche fragrances they offer can reflect aspects of ANY personality. This totally immersive experience is aided by the store’s gallery like interior which is a total feast for the senses. Crucially you will also discover fragrances that cannot be found elsewhere.

I received a tailored fragrance profiling from Greta Beccarello, one of the skilled fragrance experts working in-store. During the consultation, I was asked for my fragrance likes and loathes, I also had the opportunity to sample multiple fragrances.
My final choice was the Avery ‘R’ fragrance from a collection created by Celso Fadelli. The formula of ‘R’ is of very high quality and longevity – a highly concentrated ‘nectar’. The notes of Mandarin, Peppermint, Spices, Sandalwood and Oak Musk give the fragrance a retro twist and make it spicy without being too heavy. It may not be a scent for every day, but its a great fit with my life and personality, is too much ever enough?

Thanks Avery Perfume Gallery, I’ll be back!

Avery Perfume Gallery London
27 Avery Row
W1K 4AY London
Avery Perfume Gallery
Opening Hours: Monday to Saturday from 10:30 am – 6:30 pm
Contact: london@averyperfumegallery.com

The AVERY COLLECTION Price Range: 30ml for 90 GBP, 100ml for 160 GBP

Author: Nick Cox with contributions from Mariam Grosser

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