Aveda – Texture Tonic

‘More rugged…less rough’

Here at Grooming Towers, when it comes to hair we like it natural! Choppy or textured, surfer or windswept, that’s how we roll. The only issue with these ‘natural’ looks, is that they actually involve more than a little preparation. No wonder we’re immediate fans of Aveda’s new Texture Tonic. One of the reasons we rate it is that it’s 94% naturally derived, because there’s no logic in making your hair look naturally beautiful by contaminating it with chemicals. Crucially Aveda has also been cruelty free since 1978.. which means absolutely no animal testing.

So if you’ve ever used a hairspray only to find your hair dry and brittle then Texture Tonic could be set to revolutionise your grooming routine. Even after several sprays, my crowning glory was left looking and feeling soft thanks to the key ingredient of Magnesium Sulfate which unlike synthetic polymers, has large, diffused ions, which give it more holding power.

Texture Tonic also has a pleasant spicy citrus aroma, which boosts a combination of certified organic Ginger, Ylang Ylang, and Clary Sage. Application couldn’t be easier too, simply apply a little to dry hair, leave to settle, and then work into your favourite style. I think I was Elvis in a previous life, so I’ve opted for a quiff, but this product could also work for slicked-back hair, hard part pompadours or long spikes if you’re part of an Nsync tribute band. Thanks Texture Tonic..you’ve given us styles for miles..what’s not to love!

By James Linton

Verdict: ‘A lasting style for a lasting masculinity’
Price: £21.00
Availability: All good salons and stores and www.aveda.co.uk

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