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When it comes to mens health (especially in isolation) nothing beats a spot of quality self care! So we are starting the week by saying thank you to our friends @anatomelondon for supplying this box of delights!Our pick of the bunch? It’s the Defence + Immune Support supplement. We love the fact that it’s full of nutrients and botanical extracts that help support Mens Health!

Each tablet is packed with Vitamin C (derived from the Amla Fruit) and extracts from the adaptogens Garlic, Astragalus, Elderberry, Oregano and Moringa mean that this supplement supports the optimum immune response against potential pathogens and illnesses. I have also been trying the Essential Pil Elixir ‘Recovery and Sleep’ and it does just that.. I’m waking up refreshed and revived after a deeper ad more satisfying slumber. Thanks guys!!

Verdict: ‘wellbeing from without AND within!’
Price: Men’s Daily Essentials + Immune Support £28.00 GBP. Recovery + Sleep Classic Lavender – Essential Oil
from £35.00 GBP.

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