Adam Grooming Atelier – Skin Saviours!

Be honest …how is your skin faring during lockdown? Hours spent indoors and the effect of central heating can be enough to take the shine off even the finest of physogs!
Do you want to know what’s been getting me through lockdown? Two key products from Adam Grooming Atelier!

CHARCOAL FACIAL WASH, is my new fresh. It’s packed with a raft of essential oils to leave my skin squeaky clean but never tight. There’s also CHARCOAL for cleaning clogged pores. ROSEMARY AND THYME to reduce puffiness and ALOE VERA to lock moisture into the skin.

I’m following it with DAILY MOISTURISER, again filled with the finest BOTANICALS. But it’s the inclusion of HYALURONIC ACID, which really helps to reduce the appearance of fine lines, and helps me to look rested.

I should also say that both products also SMELL FANTASTIC! I mean who doesn’t need a littler MOOD ENHNACEMENT with their grooming these days?

Verdict: ‘plant based power products!’
Price: Charcoal Facial Wash £25.00 GBP. Daily Moisturiser £20.00 GBP
Available: Adam Grooming Atelier

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