Acqua di Parma – Signatures of the Sun Range.

‘Scented Sun Salutations!’

Surely theres no better way to banish the Monday blues, than a quick spritz of Acqua di Parma. The brand (one of my favourites) have been creating elegant fragrances for over a century and its no secret that they select the finest of ingredients and then blend them with the utmost skill. Here at Grooming Towers, the brand has become a by-word for olfactory sophistication. Why…because even their most complex and unusual creations have the traditional balance of Colonia at their heart!

Cue their ‘Signatures of the Sun’ collection which again filters new precious essences through the prism of Colonia. I have been lucky enough to sample the collection, so I know that smelling each scent, is a sun drenched journey of discovery that gives new life to familiar olfactory ingredients. Choose from either Ambra, Leather, Oud, Quercia, Sandalo, Vaniglia, Osmanthus, Camelia, or Yuzu as I guarantee that they will all lift the spirits and make your soul sing!

My personal favourites are Sakura and Osmanthus. Sakura (the flower of the Japanese cherry tree) is celebrated very year and is one of the most potent symbols of this asian country. Its bursting buds are harnessed into a fresh and complex fragrance which also contains yellow mandarin, pink pepper, samba jasmine and a base of musk. Osmanthus is a tiny flower with a heady fragrance which blossoms for a single day in the forest of south east Asia. The pure essence of this flower is distilled with green mandarin and neroli, as well as peony and ambrette and patchchouli. Both are my ‘new fresh!’

Finally remember that when it comes to fragrance, the new rules..are that there are NO rules. So yes…florals works for men! Also please don’t reserve these offerings for high days and holidays, as the new ‘Signatures of the Sun’ collection from Acqua di Parma, is quite simply sunshine bottled, and just the tonic that’s needed on this grey Winters day!

Verdict: ‘Sunshine Bottled’
Price: £197 for 100ml and £242 for 180ml.
Available: Nationwide

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