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Dunhill Icon - Racing

Dunhill Icon – Racing

You heard it here first, the latest fragrance that should rally to pole position underneath your tree this Christmas should be Dunhill Icon – Racing. I mean… Continue

Dr Sebagh - Supreme Maintenance Youth Serum

Dr Sebagh – Supreme Maintenance Youth Serum

With Christmas fast-approaching and diaries crammed with endless events, it’s crucial to look our best.
Cue Dr Sebagh’s… Continue

Issey Miyake - L'Eau Majeure D'Issey

Issey Miyake – L’Eau Majeure D’Issey

Just think of the power of water. Of the waves crashing down upon one another, smashing onto beaches and… Continue

Screen Shot 2017-11-10 at 12.01.11

Triumph and Disaster – Facial Range

At Grooming Towers, we are swamped in lotions, moisturisers and fragrances – our shelves are literally sagging with all of the weight. But Logic by Triumph and Disaster… Continue

Creed - Viking EDP

Creed – Viking EDP

Forget fast fashion, we have officially entered the world of fast fragrance, where even some so called ‘heritage’ brands seem… Continue

Trudons Parfums - Olim - 300 DPI

Maison Trudon – Olim EDP

If you covet their scented candles, then you will be thrilled that Maison Trudon have extended their gallic finesse… Continue

Note de Yuzu - Maison Kitsune & Heeley

Note de Yuzu – Maison Kitsune & Heeley

Are you over Oud? Or perhaps you’re sick of sporty fragrances? Either way you will welcome ‘Note de Yuzu’ by Maison Kitsune and Heeley Paris, it’s… Continue

Screen Shot 2017-10-04 at 12.36.33

Escentric Molecules 04

With our desks groaning under the weight of scent after scent after scent, it’s easy to become overpowered by the very latest in EDPs and EDTs! Craving a different approach to…. Continue

Givenchy - Gentleman Givenchy 2017

Givenchy – Gentleman Givenchy 2017

At Grooming Towers, we like to think of ourselves as hedonistic, free spirits who know how to have a good time. I mean, we are based in Notting Hill… Continue

Kiehl's Age Defender - Dual Action Exfoliating Cleanser

Kiehl’s Age Defender – Dual Action Exfoliating Cleanser

A pioneer of skincare since 1851, Kiehl’s Age Defender keeps men coming back time and time again with… Continue

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