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Y – Yves Saint Laurent

If masculinity takes many forms… then why are my olfactory options so limited? The scented stereotypes of sporty, fresh or fougere, often say no more than, conform, man up, and bottle up your feelings. Not so with … Continue

Riflesso by Trussardi

Trussardi – Riflesso

Are you a man who always has to be active? Who has to be in control of his life? Who explores the modern world while… Continue

Floris - 71/72 EDP

Floris – 71/72 EDP

Exactly what happens when two Jermyn Street institutions join forces? 71/72 EDP ..that’s what! The fragrant love child of….. Continue

Ormond Jayne - Zizan EDP

Ormond Jayne – Zizan EDP

With Summer in full swing, and fresh green (or worse aquatic) fragrances in overdrive, what’s a man to do if he’s in search of … Continue

Blackwood for Men - Body and Hair Wash Collection

Blackwood for Men – Body and Hair Wash Collection

Manufactured in Japan, the four piece body and hair wash Blackwood collection is designed to Continue

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Harry’s – Truman Shave Set

For most guys, not only is shaving a complete inconvenience but once you get round to doing it, you’re often left with…. Continue

Estee Lauder - The Nutritious Micro-Algae Collection

Estee Lauder – The Nutritious Micro-Algae Collection

Life is tough for city guys. Pollution can take its toll on faces and skin. Cue Estee Lauder and Continue

Jaguar - Pace Accelerate

Jaguar – Pace Accelerate

Crafted with the same loving care that goes into making Jaguar cars, the Jaguar Pace Accelerate is for the man who craves the challenges in his life. Displayed in a… Continue

Beaufort London - Discovery Set

Beaufort London – Discovery Set

Want to feel like a valiant adventurer, whilst smelling great at the same time? Look no further than Beaufort London’s beautiful leather roll sample set. Containing…. Continue

LA MER - Moisturizing Matte Lotion

LA MER – Moisturizing Matte Lotion

Not all skincare is created equal and in a sea of luxury skincare, La Mer continues to set the standard for advanced technology and demonstrable results. Let’s face it, skincare for men can sometimes be a difficult sell, but not with ‘The Moisturizing Matte Lotion’ as its mattifying effect makes it a winner for guys who are keen to appear shine-free for important days, such as a business meeting or first dates. Continue

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