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William Sharman

As one of our Olympic contenders at the 2012 London Games, hurdler William Sharman looks set to go from being the fifth fastest 110m British hurdler ever to medal hopeful. However it was nearly a very different story for William, who originally began his career as a decathlete contender before focusing on the 110m hurdles event. With former Gladiators referee John Anderson as his previous coach, it’s no surprise that Sharman has gone on to compete successfully at international level.

However you may not be aware that this talented athlete has gained two university degrees in addition to being a classically trained pianist. As a budding style and grooming icon, William told us why cocoa butter is among his grooming essentials as well as why cutting your own hair is never a good idea, and all about smelling sweet (if you’re a woman that is!)

What will you be packing in your training camp wash bag?
Shaving foam, razor, deodorant and anti-perspirant, skin cleanser, nail clippers, tea-tree oil, bath scrubber, toothpaste and brush, beard trimmer, shower gel, body cream, hair brush and exfoliator.

Being an athlete you take great care of your body, do you spend as much time on your skin?
Of course.

What does your grooming routine consist of?
Skin care; which for me is making sure my face isn’t too dry or oily and usually involves showering or bathing followed by moisturising. I also keeping on top of my hair and make sure it always looks neat. Clean short nails are also on the top of my list!

Which products could you not live without?
Body lotion and nail clippers.

Do you have a signature fragrance?
Bulgari Man.

What do you like the woman in your life to smell of?
Sweet roses, clean hair and moisturised skin. I have a few favourite perfumes like Vera Wang, J’Adore by Christian Dior, and Amarige by Givenchy but if I’m honest I don’t like girls that over fragrance or wear scent to mask something they should be using a shower for.

Do you ever borrow any of products off the women in your life?
Hahaha. No sir!

Do you prefer relaxing baths or refreshing showers?
I love my bath and always pour some Epsom Salts in them.

Have you ever had a grooming disaster?
Yes, I used to cut my own hair and often the fade would go wrong and I’d have to sport a skin head !

Who would you name as your grooming icon?
I don’t have one, personally I just attend to what needs doing. My brother always looks pretty good though.

How do you freshen up after competing?
I take a brisk jog followed by a cool shower and a bath when I get home.

What do you think is the most common mistake men make within grooming?
Not getting to grips with it, most guys should pay more attention to their noses and trim stray hairs etc….

Lastly name one product you can’t live without.
Cocoa Butter lotion.

Interview by Charlotte Clarke

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