Tyler James

‘My hair is my security blanket, I never go anywhere without it’

Tyler James likes his style done properly and he won’t take short cuts. We respect a man who takes his tailoring seriously- what more can you expect from a man who sticks to classic Soul in an industry where vapid electronic music has taken over? Tyler James is a man who knows the difference between fashion and style, just like he knows the difference between a grower and a certified hit. Now signed to Universal/Island Records, if you last saw him appearing in BBC One’s The Voice with Will.I.Am as his mentor, and now he’s back from his sold-out tour to kick butts and take names. We spoke to him about why he favours The Krays and why he’ll never go bald…

You’re not afraid of a strong look. So far we’ve seen Burberry prints, pocket squares, Pompadour quiff. Is there anything you would shy away from?
I do love to look like a proper gentleman, proper dapper! It’s especially good for when you’re feeling rubbish, just like if a girl is having a crap day she puts on a nice dress and feels better. I love a pocket squares! I would never wear jeans, if I’m honest at the moment I don’t even own any jeans!

What’s your daily maintenance routine? And what do you do when you’re making an effort?
I guess my hair is pretty high-maintenance as it takes a while. I’ll wash my hair and blow-dry it, then paste it and finish with hair spray and use a round hair brush. Sometimes I’ll use hair powder as it makes my hair stand up without looking greasy. I also have quite oily skin so I use Dermalogica products. I do have to be careful as when I don’t look after my skin…well it’s just not pretty!

Kano features on the track, he has own look with the closely-shaven hairstyle. Would you for a close-crop or even go bald?
Never! My hair is my security blanket, I would never go anywhere without it.

What do you like girls to do in order to look after themselves?
I reckon girls tend to look better without make-up on. I get if a girl’s going out and she wants to change it up, she’ll put eye make-up on and that’s fine. I do like this Rockabilly/vintage trend that girls are doing lately, basically whenever a girl looks comfortable, she looks good!

Have you ever had any grooming mistakes or style disasters?
The only thing that happens occasionally, is with my moustache. I like to have it as I look like a little boy without it and if I trim my beard on a level 1 and not on a level 2, I’m done for!

Finally, who is your pick for best dressed man out at the moment?
Mark Ronson always looks good, but if I had to emulate somebody it would have to be someone from the Rat Pack.

His hit single ‘Worry About You’ and album ‘A Place I Go’ are out now.


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