Serge Lutens Ambre Sultan Eau de Parfum, £75.00 for 50ml at
Original Punk
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Green Juice Boost
Coconut Oil products, from a selection by Palmers
Tom Ford - Bois Marocain..sadly discontinued
Patrick Bateman
Igor Rasputin

Tony Ward

‘I’m a great fan of the ‘no-rules’ look’

When it comes to Tony Ward, forget fashion and consider style instead. You should remember him from a stellar Herb Ritts Calvin Klein campaign from the 1980’s or Madonnas Sex book in the 1990’s but here at grooming towers we know that there isn’t much that Tony can’t turn his hands to. When it comes to doing things differently Mr Ward certainly has it covered….. for him there are no rules!

As a result our favourite renaissance man has broken with convention to relish the roles of father, husband, model, actor, artist, photographer, designer, painter, writer, producer, and director. With a c.v as thick as a telephone directory we’re happy Tony dropped by to talk skincare, unlikely style icons and why he has no intention of growing old gracefully.

How would you describe your personal style? Has it changed over time?
Personal style has always meant creating my own look. I changed it up a lot and daily and I always wanted to do the opposite of everyone else. I didn’t want to fit in. In the past 5 years (for a minute or two) I tried to ‘conform’ to what I thought the idea of an ageing model would be and then I had an epiphany and went back to the way I wanted to dress and not how people thought I should dress.

You have had a long and massively varied career, what’s your style highlight?
It has to be the 1980s..when I started modelling I dressed like a street hustler! It was also the best time for music too…so it’s the ‘80s for sure.

Having played roles in so many films across so many genres, which era appeals most stylistically?
Punk – no styling or grooming involved! I’m a great fan of the ‘no-rules’ look.

Are you loyal to one fragrance or promiscuous with scent?
I never wore fragrance until I met my wife Angela. She introduced me to some scents which are now firm favourites. Amber Sultan by Serge Lutens, Bois Marocain by Tom Ford (now discontinued) and also Sandalwood by Geo F Trumper. I like to try new scents so at the moment I’m enjoying essential oils and natural scents.

Is there a key product that’s always part of your grooming regime?
Coconut oil.

I think a well groomed guy can look good in anything or nothing, do you agree?
Yes, it’s all about the right attitude!

Whats the one product you just can’t live without?
Well I’ve had to learn to live without my favourite skincare line – it’s just been discontinued!

You’re getting ready for a big night out, do you have any tips?
I’m not a big fan of grand events, but I guess it can be a bit more stressful getting trussed up for an event. I’d suggest a glass of Bollinger 2002. That way you can relax, enjoy the evening and think less about yourself and what you look like… do you have any tips?!

Ever had any grooming disasters?
Well, when I have to look totally groomed I don’t like that and I’ve also had plenty of bad haircuts on photoshoots.

Let’s talk late nights and early do you look and feel fresh?
A cool shower followed by a green juice helps, that’s beauty from within.

Which character (real or fictional) inspires you in terms of their style and grooming?
A mixture of Rasputin and Patrick Bateman

When and where are you happiest?
When I’m with my children… wherever that is in the world!

Interview Nick Cox with contribution from Thom Rhys

1. Serge Lutens Ambre Sultan Eau de Parfum, £75.00 for 50ml at

2. Original Punk

3. Bollinger RD 2002 Vintage Champagne £150.00 for 75cl from The Champagne Company

4. Green Juice Boost

5. Coconut Oil products, from a selection by Palmers

6. Tom Ford - Bois Marocain..sadly discontinued

7. Patrick Bateman

8. Igor Rasputin

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