Thom Evans

‘I’m 6ft 2 so baths are usually too small for me’

Former Scotland International and Wasps team member Rugby star Thom Evans, 27, may have left the pitch but he hasn’t stopped achieving! Since his retirement he has both featured as a studio analyst for the 2010 Rugby World Cup and also embarked on a career in athletics. With big hopes to become part of team for the 2014 Commonwealth Games in Glasgow, Thom may once again be competing for his country.

You will recognise Thom’s well honed physique but have you noticed his immaculate grooming? We have! Here Thom shares his tips to looking good and the products he needs to achieve this. No doubt taking his cue from his suave style icons Thom is always a gentleman and this even extends to sharing his razor and tweezers with glamorous girlfriend, model Kelly Brook. Thanks Thom!

What does well-groomed mean to you?
To be clean and healthy and well presented.

What’s your daily grooming routine?
I have a shower, apply some moisturizer and then my roll on under the arms. I then apply my aftershave and get dressed and I’m ready to go.

What’s your favourite skincare product and why?
No7 Protect & Perfect Day Cream. I love this product because it gives your skin a real glow.

What are your favourite fragrances, on you and others?
Valentino for Men aftershave. I think it may have been discontinued so I have stocked up well. It’s a pretty unique smell which always generates complments. On women my favourite has to be Fracas de Robert Piguet as my partner wears it and I can’t stop smelling her!

You have recently been on holiday, do you protect your skin in the sun?
Yes. I also spend a lot of time outside playing golf so it’s important for me to always use a cream with a high SPF.

Bath or shower?
Shower. I am 6ft 2 and baths are usually too small for me.

Do you think it’s more acceptable for men to look after their appearance?
Definately, guys like Tom Ford and David Beckham have made it fashionable for men to care about their appearance.

Do you borrow any products from your partner and if so which ones?
She always uses my stuff!!! Usually razors and tweezers go missing, then she denies it! She has so many lotions and potions I wouldn’t even know what they were for….!?

What are your tips for revitalising tired muscles?
I rub oil into my legs every night for 20 minutes while I’m sprint training. Epsom salt baths are also good.

Are you more conscious of your appearance since being in the public eye and if so, how?
Kelly’s friend introduced me to Larry King at Daniel Hersherson to sort my barnet out, but that’s as far as it goes.

Which guys do you think always get it right in terms of grooming and looking great?
David Gandy always looks well put together whenever we see him. Good looking chap with great taste.

Who are you all time style and grooming icons and why?
Marlon Brando was a cool guy. I just met Franco Nero at the Ischia Global Film Festival and he is the coolest dude I have met; he’s still got it.

Interview by Amanda Blake
Additional research by Sarah Powell and Reese Laurent-Hughes

1. No7 For Men Anti Ageing Balm £12.50 for 50ml at Boots

2. Valentino V Pour Homme, from a selection at Valentino Boutiques

3. Fracas De Robert Piguet £75 for 50ml at Selfridges

4. Tom Ford

5. David Beckham

6. Epsom Salts B.P. £1.25 for 200g at Boots

7. Daniel Hersheson Salon at 45 Conduit Street London W1S 2YN

8. David Gandy

9. Marlon Brando

10. Franco Nero

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