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Santiago Cabrera

‘it’s good to comb your hair every day as it stimulates the scalp’

Who’s that good looking fella who’s been gracing our screens in BBC’s ‘The Musketeers’? you may well ask. Well that’s Santiago Cabrera, the Venezuelan-born, multi-talented actor, who has found acclaim in television, film and even in 2008’s Soccer Aid event playing on the same field as the likes of Luis Figo, Romario and Paolo Di Canio.

Having lived in Romania, Toronto and Madrid, and now splitting his time between London, Los Angeles and Chile, you’d be excused for thinking Santiago Cabrera wouldn’t have any time for grooming. But it seems a relaxed approach can reap rewards, with Santiago’s style covering all the bases of ‘grooming icon’. His acting career has included parts in the hit US drama ‘Heroes’, BBC’s ‘Merlin’ and a recurring role in the massively popular ‘Dexter’. And as his career goes from strength to strength with his latest starring role he’s been kind enough to share his top secrets for skin, hair and more!

How would you describe your personal grooming style?
Relaxed, quite simple. There’s always some facial hair going on, I’ve always had a tendency to keep the beard, although I do enjoy a good clean shave every once in a while. Still, when sporting a beard, it’s never a bad idea to keep it tidy. Philips Norelco is a great trimmer for that.

Your background suggests you’re very well travelled and cultured, is there a certain place in the world where you feel your style is most suited?
I feel very comfortable in the laid back California style, which is not too far away from my latin roots. But when it comes to dressing up, I’ll definitely go for a more classic European look.

How do you take care of yourself on the days you aren’t working, do you have a grooming regime?
I use a hair product and wear moisturizer every day. I usually don’t shave when I’m not working, so it makes the grooming regime easier. When it comes to hair, now that it’s longer, I’ll use a conditioner after shampooing, and comb it through with a classic “Taylor of Bond Street” comb. I’ll mess it up afterwards, but I was told once that it’s good to comb your hair every day as it stimulates the scalp. So it’s a routine I’ve gotten used to.

What are your favourite must have products?
A daily moisturizer. I change it around, as make up artists I get to work with recommend me different ones.  I just make sure it’s non-oily. Kiehls Facial Fuel (SPF 15) and LAB Series Skin Care for Men (also SPF 15) are two I like.

How much time do you dedicate to your hair and what products do you use on it?
I don’t spend too much time on it. Every morning I’ll put some product in my hair and that’s it for the rest of the day. First I’ll comb my hair while it’s still wet, then mess it up again as I give it a quick dry with the towel. Then I’ll put some product on my fingers and rough it up, just enough to hold it together. My hair is naturally dry and frizzy, so without any product it can get quite wild. I particularly like “American CREW’s Forming Cream”.

It’s been said that you showed promise as a young footballer. Would you swap your acting career for one in the less glamorous but no less dramatic sport?
Let’s put it this way. As an actor, I ended up playing at Wembley in front of 50,000 people. Don’t know if I would have made it to Wembley as a footballer.

And lastly, as an actor you must need to maintain a good look for your public appearances.  Which other actors seem to always get it right?
George Clooney and Bradley Cooper are two guys that always look sharp on a red carpet.

Interview by James King

1. Cabrera in 'Dexter'

2. Philips Norelco

3. Taylor of Bond Street comb

4. Bradley Cooper

5. Kiehls Facial Fuel

6. LAB Series Skin Care for Men

7. American CREW's Forming Cream

8. George Clooney

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