Russell Kane

On a whim, a curiosity led dare, Russell Kane decided to take a stab at stand-up, as he found his 9 to 5 office job less than inspiring. Well, he must have done something right! Since then Russell has gone on to win the Edinburgh Comedy Award, written a novel and a play which was put on stage at Soho Theatre. If that wasn’t impressive enough, he is currently doing national tours!

With a highly distinctive look of large quiff and darkly rimmed eyes, we had a chat with Russell to see how he manages his look.

Russell Kane is currently performing his tour ‘Posturing Delivery’ at venues nationwide including Barnstaple (15/10), Yeovil (16/10) and the Hammersmith Apollo (28/10). For tickets and details and go to: www.russellkane.co.uk

Russell, take us through your typical morning grooming regime.
After jumping in the shower, I have a shave using the Babyliss for Men I-stubble trimmer, which I think, works really well. Then for my skin I have a few products from Murad, namely the skin cleanser, which tackles my unpredictable skin.

What would we find in your washbag?
When I go away it is obviously the hair products that are the most essential as I have such big, strong hair. After blow-drying, I use the Shockwaves Ultra Strong Power hold hairspray which keeps it all together.

Does anyone help style that iconic quiff of yours?
Well its all me really. Before, I rocked the ‘One direction bowl haircut’ but then when I was doing ‘I’m a Celebrity’ I wanted to vary it up a bit so I pushed it up to give it some height then I added the autumnal streak later. It was all my idea really. I like to change my hairstyle every two years or so.

How long do you spend in the bathroom on average?
From springing out of bed to getting out the door, I would say 45 minutes.

What products do you use to keep your skin looking fresh?
Environ Avst Hydrating Lotion.

What aftershave are you wearing right now?
Right now I am wearing 1 Million EDT by Paco Rabanne.

Ever suffered any grooming disasters, if so what?
Yeah it seems to happen all the time for me. It only takes one big gust of wind or a bit of rain and my hair goes all over the place so I keep an emergency hat in my bag so I can put it on when things look really bad.

What is your view on men and make-up?
Its good if it makes you feel confident. If I am going on telly then I do put a bit of eyeliner on, just to accentuate the eyes a bit. I was doing a shoot with a make-up artist recently and he used Garnier Caffeine Anti-Dark Circles 2-in-1 Roll On, which works wonders under your eyes.

Any grooming secrets you wish to share?
Yes, I try to avoid using male products. Female products are always better.

What guys look good in the public eye and why?
Tinie Tempah always looks really well groomed. I went to see Jimmy Carr recently and he looks really well too.

Any historical or hysterical men who inspire you in terms of your grooming?
Not really. I’m a bit of a mish-mash when it comes to my own style. I’m a bit of nerd opting for cardigans with badges and that sort of thing. I’m a bit of hybrid between Bill Gates and Kasabian. Part nerd, part rocker.

Interview: Richard Taverner
Additional Research: Ellen Tewkesbury

1. Paco Rabanne 1 Million EDT Spray 50ml £36.50 from Superdrug

2. Shockwaves Ultra Strong Power hold hairspray £2.39 from Lloyds Pharmacy

3. Murad Clarifying Skin Cleanser Gel £24.47 for 200ml from www.amazon.co.uk

4. Babyliss for Men I-stubble trimmer £59.99 from Boots

5. Garnier Caffeine Anti-Dark Circles 2-in-1 Roll On £10.20 from Boots

6. Tinie Tempah

7. Environ AVST Hydrating Lotion 200ml, call for price and sales - 0800 0433 365

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