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Cillian Murphy in "Peaky Blinders"
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Rōze Traore for 'Elite Models'

Rōze Traore

‘Classic and smooth…it’s the way to go!’

Here at Grooming Towers it’s well known that we like to celebrate renaissance men! Why limit your focus, when you can conquer two professions like our friend model and chef Rōze Traore! This 25- year old “Cordon Bleu” cooking school graduate from Portland is not only a devil in the kitchen, he has taken the fashion world by storm as well.

Rōze effortlessly juggles A-list celebrities clients,including Rick Owens, with secured cooking spots at the the likes of renowned “Nomad” in New York and “The Wire”. Showing no signs of slowing down he currently commutes between New York, London, Paris and San Francisco, yet somehow manages to keep his glow on…read on to see exactly how he does it!

What inspired you to become a chef?
I just love building connections with people through food, and creating good energy!

Model or chef and why?
I appreciate both, sometimes life in the kitchen is stressful, so when I’m booked as a model, that can be quite a zen experience. I suppose you could say that it’s the perfect mix.

As a model you ALWAYS have to look your best, care to share some tips?
Using natural ingredients is always a great idea, I use coconut oil and love a facial mask. I also make sure that I visit the sauna weekly.

Do you have a daily grooming regime?
I use Beauty Counter, it’s just SO great for my skin, the best is the Number 1 Brightening Facial Mask. I don’t use anything for my hair, if you’ve met me you will understand why.

5. What’s in your washbag?
At the moment it’s a razor from Merkur, Raw Shea Butter soap from Shea Moisture, a toothbrush and Pearlessence Cucumber Water Mist.

Which one of your recipes is most likely to make us look good and also feel great?
Actually one of my simple recipes, Cucumber Panzenella. Which is thin shavings of cucumber, salt, olive oil and Parmesan with bread crumbs.

What is the best global food destination and why?
I had a blast in Florence! The food was SO good, just natural, simple ingredients combined with the chefs love for what their craft. It was infectious!

Which other guys inspire you in terms of their ‘look’?
I really love Cillian Murphy’s look, not because he is one of my favourite actors but he also has this classic feel to the way he looks. Staying classic and smooth is the way to go!

How do you unwind?
I work quite hard and long hours. I love to travel and discover new places and try the local food – I’m constantly learning and exploring. When it comes to treatments, I’m always down for a great facial after a long day!

Do you have one favourite fragrance or are you promiscuous with scent?
Two colognes I’ve been wearing for a while are Hermès and Acqua di Parma. They usually do the job 🙂

Would you ever join the “beard gang” ?
I can’t grow a beard to safe my life so I always go for the clean shave. Big ups to those who can!

Where and with whom are you the happiest?
I’m always happy around people that elevate me and open my eyes to new and exciting things. It’s so exciting!

Interview: Nick Cox

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4. Cillian Murphy as Tommy Shelby in "Peaky Blinders"

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6. Rōze Traore for 'Elite Models'

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