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‘I use my body a lot so muscle relief is imperative’

Irish lad Rory Fleck-Byrne has landed! He has brought his boyish flair to the big screen, the big stage and today the Grooming Guide. Roaring Rory stormed into London ten years ago ready to impress us all, and we reckon that he has succeeded. He conquered the role of Prince William in the controversial play King Charles III, and he shows no signs of slowing down in 2017. Although Rory has made his impression within London theatre, you’re most likely to recognise him from his darker role in ‘The Quiet Ones.’ His newest venture is producing his project ‘Bodies’ that has already gained a lot of interest.

What intrigues us here at Grooming Towers is Mr. Fleck – Byrne’s current address, as he’s hidden in the depths of East London the centre of the current grooming renaissance. What’s it like to navigate the beard gangs and barber shops on a daily basis? Which are the cool products that make him look hot? Read on as Rory is here to give us the inside scoop that we are desperate to know.

Do you have a daily grooming routine?
I don’t have a routine that I stick to, but a friend did introduce me to Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Lip Balm a few years back and I apply that to my lips daily. It’s also great sunburn as I recently discovered, haha. I found a hair product by Paul Mitchell for curly hair which I tend to stick to.

The acting world is very concerned with image, have you always taken care of your appearance? Have you ever had a grooming disaster, if so what?
Yeah, the acting world is. I go through phases of keeping on top of my appearance and not really caring. Sacrilege maybe – but I do think it’s important not to become too obsessed with how you look. I like to jump out of bed and go so my image isn’t always on my mind. As for a grooming disaster… The wrong hands getting on my hair (it likes to do its own thing), which has happened more than once! 😉

East London is an urban grooming hub, have you ever been a member of the beard gang?
No, the beard gang never let me in, unfortunately. Despite trying on numerous occasions.

Are there any specific products that actors use on set that you have brought into your daily routine? Do actors need to take care of their skin (stage make-up, lights etc)
Dermalogica pops up on most of the sets I’ve been on. I love their spray on toner. That’s a daily one for me. It’s so refreshing – if you feel too hot just spray some of that on your face and bobs your uncle. I think everyone needs to take care of their skin, but it is important when you’re in make-up and under lights constantly. Giving your face a good scrub with Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant does the trick. I tend to look after my skin by eating well and drinking lots of water.

You just played William in the controversial play King Charles III, how important was your appearance in creating this role, and why?
For that, it was important for my appearance to be refined, clean cut, and simple. So very short hair and clean shaven. The Royal Family represents an ideal, it offers hope and something to strive towards and it was important to represent that image in portraying William. Also, William and Kate are very media conscious – they understand the times we live in – so I carried that awareness into my preparation for portraying him too.

You’ve just produced the short film Bodies, which was set in your hometown. Do guys locally have a certain look, if so what is it? Is there a London look for guys do you think?
A certain look in Kilkenny? Well, it used to be tracksuit bottoms and runners (I.e. Trainers)when I was a kid. But it’s changed a lot now – guys are becoming more adventurous in what they wear, which is cool. Let’s just say I didn’t know what a skinny jean was until I landed down in London Town. As for a London look for guys? I think there are many. Depending on the area you are in.

Which other guys do you look up to in terms of their style and grooming, who inspires you (real or fictional)
Fassbender tends to keep it low key and earthy, which I like. Luke Evans always looks sharp as hell, and for a more alternative look which I sometimes sport, Jökull Júliússon, the lead singer of Kaleo is pretty cool.

Which fragrance do you like on yourself and on others and why?
At the mo’ I’m using Chanel Boy – I was given it by my pal. And lots of people compliment it. So I’ll stick to that for now. Also, I don’t think you can ever go wrong with a Tom Ford.

Bath or shower and with which products?
Bath. Hands down. Love a good soak. Radox-Muscle Therapy is my go-to and has been for years. It’s almost nostalgic. Epsom Salts and Magnesium Flakes are also a feature. I use my body a lot so muscle relief is imperative.

What’s in your washbag?
Well I just rooted through it checking in at the airport and I saw – Sensodyne toothpaste, my Oral B Electric toothbrush, Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Crean (told you), a Vitamin C oil for your face from body shop; an amazing face scrub that smells of Anna Seed (can’t remember the name) and my Gillette Dual Action Razor/Electric Shaver (Love it).

Do you spa?
Yeah for sure! I just got a great back, neck, shoulder and head massage on safari in South Africa. I know that sounds ridiculous – But you can see lions and elephants and then get a massage. It’s a place called Aquila – highly recommend it. Another place is The Twelve Apostles in Cape Town. In London, I get a sports massage with a wonderful masseuse called Audrey Archambault (www.oxytherapy.co.uk) who I highly recommend.

What is your earliest official memory?
Pretending to be a horse. Eating grass. Swallowing grass. And my granny feeding me ice cream to ease my throat. #thankyougranny. Actually, I reckon that’s where my love of ice cream came from.

Where are you happiest?
Up a mountain or nature generally. Right now I’m happiest on a film set… I love the buzz!

Rory will be starring in Harlots – coming to ITV Encore and HULU and The Foreigner later this year

Interview by Libby Smith

1. Luke Evans

2. Horse eating grass

3. Michael Fassbender

4. Safari Massage Africa

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