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Rickie and Melvin

‘If I ever have a wet shave I have more bumps on my face than a road in West Africa!’ Melvin Odoom

If you tune into Kiss 100’s breakfast show at 7:30 am you’ll be greeted by a party in full swing. Presenters Melvin Odoom and Rickie Haywood have become household names after greeting morning commuters with their witty banter, irresistibly likeable on-air chemistry and entertaining mockery which are sure to give you some ‘get up and go’.
Malvin and Rickie met at university and they have worked as a double act ever since. Alongside presenting the Kiss 100 breakfast show they can also be seen on MTV Digs and MTV Music Junkie together. Their daybreak banter and energising liveliness has made the pair an integral part in today’s young urban scene with both of the boys also being Ambassadors for The Prince’s Trust.

It’s all go on their breakfast show, so here at The Grooming Guide we investigated the mystery of how the boys maintain their morning oomph and preserve their fresh faces at the crack of dawn.


Do you think men today are making more of an effort with their appearance: if so, why is that?
R (Rickie): I definitely think men today make more of an effort with their appearance because there is a media pressure to look good. I also think men now look towards other males in the public eye for inspiration.

What products could you not live without and why?
M: I could not live without my clippers. I am one hairy little person and without them I would look like a well-dressed Ewok.

What’s the worst grooming disaster you’ve ever seen?
R: A guy who was bald, painted hair onto his head and linked it to his beard. As you can imagine, it looked ridiculous but he was very serious – he thought he looked great!

M: I remember seeing a woman with so much plastic surgery that she looked like an alien. I understand people have cosmetic surgery for various reasons but I think some people just over do it.

Have you ever had any grooming disasters yourself?
M: My biggest grooming disaster was when I decided to wax my chest hair not realising that I have very sensitive skin which lead to have a skin infection for my holiday.

R: At university I used to curl my hair and one day, I’d done it before I went out to a club that was hot and quite humid. I ended up with a kind of curly high topped Afro. Not a good look. I left the club early…and alone.

What are you favourite aftershaves/fragrances for yourself and on a woman?
R: My favourite aftershave is by Tom Ford but I never divulge which one. It’s top secret. On a woman Alien is nice – that’s the only one I can ever remember. I always feel weird asking females what fragrances they’re wearing because it sounds like a cheesy chat up line.

M: My favourite fragrance for men is Chanel Bleu and for women it’s Jimmy Choo.

Do you ever share your grooming products?
M: Rickie and me would often both wear Chanel Platinum Egoiste but we realised it was not cool to wear the same fragrance as your best mate and we switched to other scents.

Which products do you use on your skin and why?
R: I use a moisturiser called Nivea. It’s what I’ve been using since I was a kid as my parents used to buy it and it’s just stuck.

Wet shave or electric shave: which do you prefer and why is that?
M Electric shave all the way. If I ever have a wet shave I have more bumps on my face than a road in West Africa!


If you have any problems with ingrown hairs how do you tackle them?
M: Yes I have and that’s why I never wet shave. However if you do tweezers are the way forward.

R: I don’t! Ha-ha. I knew I’d have the last laugh!!!

Who are your style and grooming icons and what do you like about them?
R: David Beckham and Kanye West. I think both always look well turned out. They can pull off looks that are very well groomed or rugged looking and still look really cool.

M: My style icon is Andre 3000 of Outkast because he stands out without trying too hard. He makes being an individual look natural.

Which all time classic icons should continue to inspire today?
R: For me, my all time classic icon is Lenny Kravitz.

M: I think David Bowie is an absolute legend as he really experimented with fashion, he often sticks out in my mind as someone who is a classic icon. He was never afraid to express himself and that is what fashion should be about.

Interview by Amanda  Blake

Additional Research Charlotte Clarke


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6. Kanye West

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8. Lenny Kravitz

9. David Bowie

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