Paul Sculfor

Paul Sculfor

“I used to make do with a bar of soap…I didn’t know any better!”

Did you know that Paul Sculfor was both a boxer, and a construction worker… before he took up modelling that is! His celebrated career has seen him work with most of the world’s top designers, and his defined body and handsome face continue to be in demand by the likes of Dior, Gaultier and Louis Vuitton.

The pressure must always be on to look good, how do you do it?
I like to stick to a pretty basic routine. I wake up, splash my face with cold water and then head for a twenty minute run, then shower! I also try to have a facial once a month, other than that I would say that personal hygiene is the most important factor in looking groomed.

Do you have any preferred products?
I like LAB Series products because they are simple and easy to use. I have also heard that their
new Anti-Age System is brilliant but I have yet to try it.

As a model and actor you are probably used to people constructing your look, do you take any of those tips home with you? 
Not really. In all honesty I’m so used to people telling me what to wear and fiddling with the way I look that I like to be relaxed off duty and not complicate things. Simple works best for me and that does not include overplucking my eyebrows!

Do you think mens appearance differs between America and the UK?
I don’t see a major difference between the US and UK. But I do think there is a difference between city and country living. In the city, there is perhaps more hype about fashion and grooming so it is more acceptable for guys to be more put together. In the country guys tend to be more relaxed about their appearance.

Have your grooming routines changed over time?
Yes… a LOT! When I was younger, I would make do with a bar of soap, to be honest i didn’t know any better. It wasn’t until the age of 22 that things changed. I remember being at my first photo shoot and a stylist putting moisturiser on my face and I didn’t understand why. As soon as it was explained I have been hooked ever since.

If there is one thing a guy should be sure to do before he leaves the house in terms of grooming, what should it be? 
I think the most important things is to cover the basics. In my mind they are washing my face, brushing my teeth, and putting on deodorant!

What is one grooming tip you can share with the rest of us? 
Great personal hygiene really is the key to looking well groomed. You will instantly appear and smell cleaner and look healthier, throw in a spot of exercise and you are sorted!

Any grooming disasters?
I do remember being on a shoot in South Africa, when I had first started modelling. Someone on the shoot put powder around my eyes, one completely swelled up and in the end they could only shoot half my face. Another time when I was very young I decided to trim my eyebrows, I really didn’t know what I was doing and ended up taking off half my eyebrow!

What is your favorite fragrance and why? What makes a good fragrance for men?
Aramis – Not only does it have a great scent – it triggers memories for me. It is the scent my father used to wear, so it feels like home.

Lastly which other guys get it right in terms of their grooming?
Beckham – because no matter what he does to his look, he always pulls it off and looks great!

1. Paul Sculfor

2. Lab Series Products

3. Aramis 24 Hour High Performace Deodorant Stick £14.00 for 75ml at John Lewis

4. David Beckham

5. Lab Series Max LS Age-Less Face Cream about £45.00 for 50ml at House of Fraser

6. Aramis Classic EDT about £55.00 for 110ml at Debenhams

7. Facial in progress

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