Ozwald Boateng

“I am a big fan of Bikram Yoga as it helps me to to be better both physically and mentally.”

Daniel Day-Lewis, Mick Jagger, David Bowie and Will Smith all have one thing in common, they have been dressed by Ozwald Boateng. Renowned for offering a fresh twist to classic English tailoring Boateng attributes his love of suits to the immaculate ones worn by his father. This passion has seen him work as Creative Director of Menswear at Givenchy and also open a flagship store on Saville Row. So just what are the grooming techniques of this iconic English designer?

Many men are paying more attention to their appearance. Do you have a daily grooming routine?
Yes I usually shave my face and head every two days and also visit my barber at Gentlemen’s Tonic at least once a week for a clipper shave. I follow this with a facial scrub and facial massage with a hot towel.

What skincare products do you use and why?
My favourite product is Pure Shea butter: it’s a great multitasking product and is especially great for moisturising dry skin.

What is your favourite fragrance? Do you have a signature scent?
I wear a bespoke scent created for me by a perfumery in Paris.

I assume that you take care of your hands, how do you do this?
Guys seem scared to look after their hands, but my manicurist Margaret Dabbs does the most brilliant manicures
which keep both my hands and nails in great condition.

What other people in the public eye do you think are well groomed?
I think David Beckham always does a great job of looking polished.

What does being well groomed mean to you?
It’s about taking care of yourself both physically and also mentally. I am a big fan of Bikram Yoga as it helps me to to be better in both areas.

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