Oliver Jackson-Cohen

‘Grooming should be something that you do for yourself, rather than for others’

Oliver Jackson-Cohen, a 25-year old actor born in Westminster, began his career after landing a role in the television soap Hollyoaks. This was aged just 15 – and boy, has he not looked back! After jetting off to the Hollywood Hills, he made quite the impression on a certain Miss Drew Barrymore. She personally took it upon herself to secure him a US working Visa, so that they could work together on indie rom-com Going The Distance. Since then he has worked with Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson on action movie Faster – which took more than $8million on it’s opening weekend alone!

As the son of fashion designer Betty Jackson, it’s easy to see where he gets his great style from. Here at The Grooming Guide we wanted to find out whether this Brit’s impressive CV has changed his views on male grooming. We caught up with Oliver to chat products, fragrances and the difference in male grooming from Hollywood Boulevard to Bond Street…

You spend time in both London and LA, is the way that guys take care of themselves different in each city?
Yes! Over there, people think that you are having a nervous breakdown if you’re not well groomed. There is a very strong emphasis on image over there and that can result in a certain amount of pressure. When I’m in LA I start thinking should I put some wax in my hair before going to the gym!?

As an actor how important do you think it is to be well groomed?
Obviously for work it can be very important, as long as it doesn’t become obsessive. Outside work I think grooming should be something that you do for yourself, rather than for others or other people’s expectations.

Do you have a morning grooming routine?
I brush my teeth, floss, shower, then check in the mirror to see if I can get away with my stubble for the day!

Which skin and hair products do you use and why?
I use Clinique Mens products, and as of recently have started using Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair and Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery. I figure if I start it young, i’ll be fine!

What products do you use to shave? Do you wet shave?
I have a very good Philips shaver. I rarely ever wet shave, unless it is for a movie as it makes me feel like I am missing a part of myself afterwards!

Do you have a signature fragrance?
Dior Homme.

Lastly, your mum is fashion designer Betty Jackson, does she ever give you style advice?
I think from a very young age my sister and I were made to appreciate clothes and design, so I think it was engrained in us. I will sometimes run stuff by her and check whether or not she approves – which is very bizarre really, considering it’s my mum! Ultimately, the biggest thing that she has always said is “clothes are a feel good factor and should always work for you, whatever you’re doing.”

Interview: Sarah Powell & Ellen Tewkesbury

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