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‘It’s important in the Aussie climate to protect yourself from the elements’

Polish-born Australian Michael Klim is best known as one of Australia’s most successful swimmers of all time. He is a world champion, a world record holder and three-time Olympian (with medals from all three, including two gold). Since retiring from competition Michael has also created his own male grooming brand called Milk. The range was originally developed by Michael as he couldn’t find a brand that could help combat the effects of spending hours in the pool as well as the Australian climate.

Luckily for us at The Grooming Guide Michael found time to let us in on what it takes to look great even if you’re not an Olympic swimmer. So read on for his advice on shaving, skincare, sneaky tufts of hair and his elusive search for great mens’ skincare products……. whether you’re a ‘chrome dome’ like Michael or not….

Do you have a grooming routine?
Like most men, I’m quite pressed for time so I try to minimise the time I spend in the bathroom. However, there are fundamentals I just won’t go without. Being a “chrome-dome” I make sure I clipper my head on a weekly basis!

Have you ever had a wet shave?
Yes, of course. I only wet shave these days. I went through a phase a while back where I only used an electric shaver, but more recently I like the freshness a wet shave gives you especially if you use Milk’s Shave Milk.

How do you shave and who taught you to shave?
My Dad taught me how to shave: I had an attempt at doing it myself which didn’t go so well, so a shout out to Dad – thanks Dad.

Do you take care of your skin? If so, how?
I moisturise daily with the Milk Face Moisturiser + SPF 15 as it’s important with the Aussie climate to protect yourself from the elements.

What made you launch your own range?
Australia’s climate is pretty harsh, and that coupled with hours in the pool made looking after my skin tough. I couldn’t find a product that was right for me. There was definitely a need for more good men’s products, so I made my own. As you know, the range is called Milk. The range is a fresh, easy-to-use set of products, made using natural marine-based ingredients (such as brown seaweed and algae extracts). Milk is about helping guys feel good about their skin and relaxed about taking care of it. I’ve really enjoyed developing it.

Are there any Aussie rules when it comes to grooming?
Australia’s climate and changing weather conditions can be severe, so the use of sunscreen is a must; especially if you work outside or spend a lot of time outdoors.

How do you clean up: bath or shower and with what?
I shower with the Milk Body Wash, and with the Milk Scrub and Cleanse Wipes if I’m on the go. I like feeling energised and fresh so I use a Rosemary and Mint scent in our Body Wash.

Do you have a signature fragrance?
My favourite fragrance is China White Parfum Extrait by Nasomatto

What is your favourite smell?
I’m married to Lindy; she is a half Balinese, half Aussie lass so we spend a lot of time in Bali. This makes me quite partial to the smell of incense especially from that region.

What does being well groomed mean?
Taking care of ones appearance from hair, facial hair and fragrance including skincare, and knowing what works for you as an individual.

Which guys in the public eye do you think are well groomed?
David Beckham is a stand out in my mind. Daniel Craig and Mark Foster are very well groomed as well!

Have you ever had any grooming disasters?
It happens all the time actually; I miss tufts of hair while shaving my head and my wife Lindy lets me walk out the door and won’t tell me. She thinks it’s funny

Milk by Michael Klim products are available from Boots from 23rd April 2012.

1. David Beckham

2. Maison Francis Kurkdjian Incense Papers £21.00 for 20 at Liberty

3. Nasomatto China White Parfum Extract from a selection at Liberty

4. Face Moisturiser and Sunscreen SPF 15+ £25.00 for 150ml www.mankind.co.uk

5. Mark Foster

6. Milk Scrub and Cleanse Wipes £14.00 for 25 at www.mankind.co.uk

7. Riemann P20 Once A Day 10 Hours Sun Protection SPF20 200ml £24.99 Boots

8. Daniel Craig

9. Milk Body Wash about £16.00 at Boots

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