Max Rogers
Kiehl's Facial Fuel moisturiser around £21 for 75ml
David Gandy
Kiehl's Midnight Recovery around £36 for 30ml
George Lamb
Cary Grant
Kiehl's Silk Groom around £18 for 125ml
Steve Mcqueen
Larry King from Daniel Hersheson

Max Rogers

‘Stay hydrated…carry a moisturiser and chapstick for emergencies!’

Famed for his curly locks and toned physique there isn’t much Max Rogers hasn’t achieved in the world of modelling! From walking the runway for Paul Smith, Hermes, and Armani to shooting editorials for; V-Man, GQ, and Sunday Times Style he continues to be a man in demand.

No doubt you remember him (and his body) from a certain GQ Style cover for “The Naked Issue” with Solve Sundsbo and Tom Ford Max in 2008? You should, it shot him to supermodel status! Campaigns for D&G, Diesel and Agent Provocateur and a strong relationship with has further cemented his success.

Don’t be fooled, even natural good looks take some maintaining; healthy eating, exercise and a simple grooming routine all make Max the man he is. Thanks Max for dropping by to share your secrets.

Do you think more guys are taking more care of their appearance?
It seems that way to me. I think with the rise of male celebrities such as David Beckham, it’s seen as more acceptable for men to take care of themselves and this has created a demand and a market for products.

Do you have a specific grooming routine?
I do but it’s not overly involved, I try to be as natural as possible and only use moisturiser. I try not to wash my face with soap or products, unless I have a face full of make-up after shooting. I prefer to concentrate on what’s going on inside rather than outside so apart from moisturising I like to get lots of sleep, drink water and eat healthily. On my hair I use Kiehl’s Silk Groom after washing it and use a wide tooth comb to spread the natural oils.. that helps.

Bath or shower and with what?
Shower, its quicker. I tend to use water! Products-wise a good quality shower gel that doesn’t dry my skin out is a must.

As a model, do you have to be particularly careful with your skin/hair?
Like any job it makes sense to be the best you can be in your work. As a model, that happens to means having a healthy skin, hair and body. In the past when I have suffered with bad skin, I worked very hard to figure out what the problem was and how to solve it. I also never touch my face with my hands.

Modelling is only one part of your career, what other work inspires you?
I love modelling because it allows me the thinking time to work on other things. I have a production company with my fiancée called Beautiful Movements (BMTV) I write and direct films and find myself as a DOP every so often as well. We’ve been doing well commercially but the passion projects are what really drive me, one of those being Tea for Two, for which we won a few short film awards, we are about to show at the ASFF short film festival in York.. Go check it out!

What are your current go to grooming products?
It’s great being so aware of my routine because it means I evaluate the products I use and learn what works best for me. For my hope to appear as natural as possible, the Kiehl’s Silk Groom for hair and the Men’s Facial Fuel moisturiser is great. Also, if ever I feel tired or dehydrated the Midnight Recovery by Kiehl’s is good to look fresh in the morning. I also discovered that using deodorant with aluminum blocks the pores under my arms and as a result toxins escape through the skin around my cheeks and ears instead, resulting in bad break-outs. So I always use non-aluminum based deodorant.

How do you keep in shape?
There are no short cuts to this.. Sorry! I work extremely hard in the gym every day and keep a healthy diet, where I eat as much as I can to fuel my training and I avoid salty, sugary foods as well as saturated fats and I keep my protein intake high. In terms of my gym routine, I like to mix my workouts up as much as possible so my body never adapts to what I’m doing.

Do you have a signature fragrance?
As soon as I have time I’m going to get a bespoke fragrance made. I think a fragrance leaves an impression of a person almost as much as clothing or hair styling choices, so I like the idea of having a fragrance that is specific to me.

Which other men do you think have got it right in terms of grooming and why?
David Gandy and George Lamb always look good. They all have a good idea of what suits them personally, rather than trying to be something they are not. So despite looking sharp all the time, their looks always appear pretty effortless.

What inspires you at the moment in terms of style and grooming?
I love movies and built my production company as a result. The styling in films fascinates and inspires me, particularly when set in a different time period. Films such as Lawless, Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy, Fight Club, Single Man, have all inspired me in the past as well as old Cary Grant and Steve Mcqueen films. I’m also inspired by art, Edward Hopper paintings have inspired the look and styling in a film I plan to make called the Red Pillow.

Who cuts your hair?
The legend.. Larry King from Daniel Hersheson. He cuts most of the male models in London, Gandy, Olly Cheshire, Sam Webb, Josh Parkinson. They all go to him.

Have you ever made any mistakes in terms of your grooming?
I wouldn’t call them mistakes because I always make sure I feel comfortable when I go out. So at the time I would have been happy but I do look back at some old pictures and wonder what I was thinking! I think that’s the downside of being a bit experimental and trying things out. It means you do get it wrong from time to time. I look at when I had the longer beard with the massive hair and wonder what I was playing at! You could pretty much only see my eyes.

Winter’s on its way, do your go to products change for the cold?
In and out of the cold and then central heating is difficult. I try to drink more water to stay hydrated and carry around moisturiser and chapstick for emergencies.

Which grooming products would you like to receive for Christmas this year?
Kiehl’s please!

Where are you happiest?
One of the best things about modelling is travel. I get to see the world but I also miss home, which is a great thing because it reminds me how lucky I am to love where I live and why I choose to live there. As a result I am most happy at home in front of the fire with my fiancée.

Nick Cox

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1. Max Rogers

2. Khiels Facial Fuel moisturiser around £21 for 75ml

3. David Gandy

4. Khiels Midnight Recovery around £36 for 30ml

5. George Lamb

6. Cary Grant

7. Kiehl's Silk Groom around £18 for 125ml

8. Steve Mcqueen

9. Larry King from Daniel Hersheson

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