Matthew Bryan-Amaning

“I can get away with not shaving and still look good!”

The staggeringly tall 6’9″ Matthew Bryan-Amaning is an Olympic hopeful on the road to London 2012 with the Standard Life GB men’s basketball team. Matthew began playing basketball on the streets of south London with the Brixton Topcats. He signed his first professional contract in 2011 with Turkish side Hacettepe following a successful college career in America with the Washington Huskies. Matthew took part in the London Prepares series with basketball being the first sport to be played on the Olympic Park earlier this year.

Below the delightful Matthew, shares with us his thoughts on grooming…

For more information on Matthew and the Standard Life GB teams, visit www.gameongb.com.

Do you think that men are paying more attention to their appearance and if so why?
Definitely! In today’s society I believe that a lot of people are judged by first impressions and appearance is central to that. I believe that people want to be known for being clean cut these days.

Do you think that being a sportsman in the public eye makes you more aware of the need to look good?
Yes, being in the public eye you never know who is watching you or who is judging you. You want to always look on point so that there is the least amount of negativity drawn to you. Being a sportsman comes with having a lot of fans and if you keep yourself looking good I believe your fan base can always grow.

Do you have a specific grooming routine that you do daily and if so what products do you use?
I don’t know about a routine but I always shower and brush my teeth in the morning and at night. My waves have got to look nice in the morning, so I always put a bit of DaxWax and a scarf on my head before bed. Cologne is always a must, but other than that I don’t have a daily routine, it doesn’t take a lot to stay groomed.

How often do you wash shave etc and with what?
I wash twice a day and get my hair cut every couple of weeks at the barbers. I hardly ever shave because I have a bit of a baby face so not too much facial hair. Yes folks, I can get away with not shaving and still look good!

What is your favourite fragrance and how long have you worn it?
I have three in rotation right now. My top would definitely be Million by Paco Rabanne but my latest fragrance is Carolina Herrera 212 VIP MEN. I have had it for about a month now and I’m not going to lie it’s made a few females ask me what I’m wearing. I also like Gucci Guilty.

Do you have products that you borrow from your wife/ girlfriend?
Ha ha, not really, I think I’m a bit too big and tall to smell like a female.

Do you buy products yourself?
I do because I have my own style and scent. You will be confident in yourself if you feel you have the right products on and you will only know that if you go out and buy it!

What other guys in the public eye do you think are well groomed?
David Beckham and Idris Elba.

What does well groomed mean to you?
Just looking, smelling and feeling great! The way you carry yourself goes a long way, not only if you’re in the public eye but also for self-confidence. You can see how a person feels about themselves if they are “well groomed”; they just have an aura around them.

1. Gucci Guilty Pour Hommes £54 for 90ml at John Lewis

2. Idris Elba

3. 212 VIP Men Eau de Toilette by Carolina Herrera about £49 for 100ml from Boots

4. Dax Washable Hair Wax about £3 for 99g at Boots

5. David Beckham

6. One Million Eau de Toilette Spray by Paco Rabanne about £51 for 100ml from Debenhams

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