Mark Wright

‘I only take 20 mins to get ready in the morning – that might surprise some people!’

Captivating audiences has always come easy to Mark Wright and since ‘graduating’ from ITV2’s The Only Way Is Essex his star has continued to ascend. He has presented ‘Take Me Out’ spin-off show ‘Take Me Out – The Gossip’ as well as his own reality show ‘Mark Wrights Hollywood Nights’ following him and his friends throughout the USA. You can see Mark at the moment in ‘Strictly Come Dancing’ and we’re hoping he goes all the way.

Fitter than ever and groomed within an inch of his life we thought that Mark  (or just ‘Wrighty’ to his friends here at The Grooming Guide) was the perfect source for tips on looking good and feeling great. So if you really want to know what the ‘Wright’ way is when it comes to tanning and waxing……read on!

How would you define your style Mark?
It’s smart, classic and dapper.

Do you think it has changed since you’ve become famous?
I’ve definitely watched what I wear more because of being photographed so much, but honestly ever since I was young I’ve always liked the classic and smart look.

How do you get ready in the mornings and how long does it take?
Not long at all (which might surprise some people) I only take 20mins! I have a shower, using Mint Original Source Shower Gel and Herbal Essences Shampoo. I then blow dry my hair using American Crew Fiber to style it. Finally, I moisturise using Sisley men’s range and then just splash on some aftershave (my own Mr Wright) and I’m good to go.

Have you ever waxed? 
I got my chest waxed once by a friend who is a beautician and I had two strips done and let’s just say I would never do it again!

When it comes to tanning are you a real guy, or do you like to fake it?
I’ve never used fake tan in my life, I’ll always try and go with the natural…it’s a good excuse for holidays.

Do you ever have a massage or a facial?
Yes, I’ve had a few massages in my time but I’m yet to try a facial.

Do you have a signature fragrance? 
Yes, I actually have. I have my own! I launched Mr and Mrs Wright in October last year, I was heavily involved in the full process and really enjoyed it. It was a great experience selecting the fragrances and now I love what we created so much that I wear it all the time.

You’re in great shape, do you have a trainer?
I don’t have a trainer but I do go to the gym every day and train myself.

So are you careful about what you eat?
Yes, I’m really careful, I always try to be as healthy as possible but I also love my junk food, I just have to make sure to have it in moderation!

Are you someone who worries about the ageing process?
To be honest I don’t really think about it! Actually, I love George Clooney’s look, so if that’s anything to go by I am not afraid. It’s easier for men to face the aging process than women, don’t you think?

Would you ever try Botox or go under the knife?
I’ve never thought about it and it really doesn’t appeal.

When you were in LA did you notice a big difference in Californian’s men style to yours?
Definitely, American men are much more casual but they take grooming and pride in their appearance to a new level.

What would be your one desert island grooming product that you couldn’t live without?
It would have to be lip balm.

Who cuts your hair? 
My local barbers Chigwell Barbers cut my hair. I’ve been going there since I was a little boy.

Lastly would you say that you were vain about your appearance?
I wouldn’t say I was vain but I take pride in my appearance, but I also love days when I can relax and wear my scruffs.

Interview by Laura Patten

Additional Research: A. Georgakopoulou

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