Mark Powell

“grooming, for me it’s all in the detail”

Mark Powell tailoring legend, is one of London’s most iconic and influential bespoke tailors. He is renowned for his nostalgic and classically inspired tailoring, which combines experimental cuts and styling. Successfully bridging the gap between Savile Row and contemporary street style, Mark draws style and influence from his 20 years experience in bespoke tailoring. In 2006 he launched his ready to wear line, Mark Powell London.

Over the years he has dressed countless celebrities from the worlds of film, television, music and sport. He has also featured in magazines such as Esquire, Arena, GQ and L’Uomo Vogue. With his work being showcased at London’s Victoria and Albert museum, in the British Fashion Council’s world touring ’21st Century Dandy’ exhibition. Here the impeccably groomed Mark shares his tips on smelling great and looking as sharp as you dress….

You always seem to look in top form, share your secrets with us.
I take immense pride in the way I look, I’m very passionate about it and for me it’s all in the detail.

As a bespoke tailor you are very aware of style, does this reflect on your appearance?
Of course it does but even if I had another career it would mean just as much. My appearance is important in what I do as it encourages other people to seek my advice.

Do your grooming routines differ from day to night?
Not particularly, I always use the same mix of Clarins, Boots and Aqua di Palma.

Do you use different products depending on where you are in the world?
No, I make sure to take my products with me whenever I travel.

Have your grooming routines changed over time?
Yes, it’s become more important as I’ve got older, especially around my eye area. But if I’m honest I have always been into male grooming and had the benefit of manicures and pedicures.

If there is one thing a guy should do before he leaves home in terms of grooming, what should it be?
Make sure to put on some aftershave and check that your breath is fresh.

What is your top grooming tip and will you share it?
Yes I will, to ensure you always stay looking youthful, just pull out any overlong eyebrow hairs!

So when did you look your best and your worst?
When I shaved off my beard I looked a bit like a sausage skin (I’d got very used to the beard).
I always try to look my best but my biggest mistake was spraying “Mane” spray on my balding head when I began to lose my hair in my 20’s.

What is your favorite fragrance and why? What makes a good fragrance for you?
I’ve always worn Vetiver by Guerlain, it has always been received very well. I’ve recently added a secret ingredient which I will let you in on, it’s a smell enhancer called Molecule no.1, and it’s now received even better by men and women alike. Fresh, clean and citrusy.

Which other guys get it right in terms of their grooming?
George Clooney can look good at times, but in his day Carey Grant would have taken a lot of beating.

1. Vetyver BY Guerlain EDT £50.00 for 100ml at House Of Fraser

2. Cary Grant

3. Aqua Di Parma Intensa After Shave Lotion about £37.00 for 50ml at heals.co.uk

4. George Clooney

5. Boots No 7 For Men Products

6. Molecule 1 £64.50 for 100ml at Harvey Nichols

7. Clarins Anti Fatigue Eye Serum £27.50 for 20ml at John Lewis

8. Mark Powell Logo

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