Luke Pasqualino

“I have been known to nick my sister’s moisturiser”

A keen supporter of both his home town club Peterborough United as well as Chelsea, Luke Pasqualino started his acting career by attending drama classes at Stamford Art Centre and was soon catapulted to fame playing Freddie McClair in the teen drama Skins.Varied roles have seen 22 year old Luke, appearing in Casualty and also the BBC comedy Miranda.

With his career going from strength to strength in July 2012 Pasqualino starred with Jessica Szohr in the Werewolf Romantic Comedy film Love Bite and the same year was announced to star in the Ensemble Thriller film Snow Piercer. Luke can currently be seen swashing his buckle as the handsome charismatic lead of ‘The Musketeers’ on BBC 1. Here he shares his tips on no-fuss grooming and looking good whenever……wherever!

Do you think that guys are paying more attention to their appearance and if so why?
Yes definitely. It’s good to take pride in how we look, I suppose this might depend on your line of work and what’s required. But most guys want to look good to attract the ladies!

Do you think that being in the public eye makes you even more aware you need to look good?
Yes it really does, if I am attending meetings, castings and stuff I have to make sure I am presented in a certain way. I like to make sure I’m looking especially good if a fan asks to have a picture taken with me when I’m out and about…

Do you have a specific grooming routine that you do daily and if so what products do you use?
I shower daily and wash my hair and use dermalogica products on my skin and bedhead for styling my hair. I also like to have a steam/sauna once or twice a week too after a workout.

How often do you have to shave?
I make sure to have a proper shave around once or twice a week….

Bath or shower?
Definitely a shower 100%, I don’t like the thought of laying in dirty water in a bath.

What is your favourite fragrance and how long have you worn it?
I don’t stick to one aftershave I mix it up, my favourites are Armani Code, Paco Rabanne Ultra Violet, and Gucci. I like fragrances that are light and fresh and not too heavy and overpowering.

Do you have products that you borrow from your girlfriend?
No as I don’t have one! But I have sometimes been known to borrow my sisters moisturiser. Ha!

Do you buy products yourself?
Yes I tend to buy my dermalogica products in bulk and then top up on items when I’m running low, and in town.

What other guys in the public eye do you think are well groomed?
George Lamb, David Beckham and Ashton Kutcher all make an effort.

What does well groomed mean to you?
Looking good, having fresh skin, being well presented, but without looking like you have tried too hard and are overgroomed!




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