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‘I have to put on a performance so my appearance is crucial’

Flying high at the moment is young gymnast Louis Smith. The 21 year old from Peterborough has already tasted success at the Australian Youth Olympic festival, winning gold for the pommel horse event in 2007 as well as bronze at the 2008 games. Although competing and training does take up a considerable amount of time, Louis isn’t all work and no play. He’s a fan of TV show Heroes and the Transformers films, as well as reading style magazines like GQ and Men’s Health.

Having been involved in the world of gymnastics since the age of four, Louis nearly found himself pursuing a very different career after he auditioned for the X Factor. Simon Cowell may have missed out, but the sporting world is no doubt grateful. Would it be something he might consider after retirement from athletics? Sadly not. Louis wants to start his own design label one day, and if his ambition proves as determined as his sporting ability, the fashion world should prepare itself for a new star.

So what’s in your training camp wash bag?
Lynx Shower Gel, Colgate toothpaste, my tooth brush, and fragrances by Burberry and Chanel.

As a sportsman you obviously take care of your body, do you do the same for your face?
I cleanse with Clinique Exfoliant Visage, moisturise with Clinique for Men and moisturise my body with Palmer’s Cocoa Butter.

Your hands take a pounding, how do you protect them?
YES! I always have E45 cream on tap to try and keep them supple.

What does being well groomed mean to you, day to day?
On a day to day basis I’m in the gym training, so I keep clean especially in a chalky environment. When I’m at competitons and socialising it’s important to look sharp. When I’m competing in gymnastics a lot of of it is about appearance, it’s called artistic gymnastics for a reason. I have to put on a performance so my appearance is crucial.

Do you think more guys are taking an interest in their appearance generally?
I think so yep, especially now because of shows like The Only Way is Essex!

What is your favourite aftershave? Are you loyal to one or a few, if so what are they…?
I’ve got loads so I’m not really loyal to one. My current favourites are Ralph Lauren 2, Burberry, Chanel Allure, Hypnose and Paco Rabanne 1 Million.

How do you freshen up after competing; bath/ shower and what products do you use?
I like to jump in the shower when I get home from a session and Lynx shower gel is usually what I reach for.

Have you ever had a grooming disaster?
Nope not so far but I guess I’ll leave that for others to judge!

Do you ever borrow products from your partner/girlfriend?
Nope – I dont have one!

What is the one product you cant live without?
Moisturiser either by Clinique or E45 cream.

Who in the public eye do you think gets it right?
Emma Watson always looks great and I saw David Beckham on the Jonathan Ross show the other night and he’s definitely still getting it right.


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1. Louis Smith

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