Leo Suter  - Portrait by Mike Blackett
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Leo on Victoria
Jenna Coleman on Victoria
Stellen Skaarsgard
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Leo Suter on set
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Leo Suter

‘On set, the make-up trick is like a cosmetic pick and mix..there’s every product you could wish for!

The star of Leo Suter is certainly in the ascendant, you will recognise him from his supporting roles on Fallen, Maleficent and Bad Education, as well as a starring role in Music, War and Love. However, his biggest role to date is on the second series of ITV’s Victoria alongside heavyweights including Nigel Lindsay, Peter Bowles and Jenna Coleman.

The dapper Mr Suter plays Mr Drummond, an assistant to Sir Robert Peel, the gentleman who birthed the modern police force. Thanks Leo for dropping by to share your grooming tips and for taking the time to reveal how you look good, feel great, and deal with the occasional grooming disaster!

You can see Leo Suter in Victoria on ITV1 on Sundays at 9.00pm

So who are your acting and grooming inspirations ( real or fictional)?
Acting wise, I’d say Stellen Skaarsgard: a class act, who does great work with heaps of grace. Grooming wise, the chap from the Old Spice adverts.

When did you start to become image-conscious?
Just before taking my finals at university. I’d spent so long in the library, that I was sporting a patchy beard and hadn’t had a haircut in months. So just before my first exam I visited the barber, had a shave, and cleaned myself up. Let’s just say I went into the exam hall feeling fresh, I’d love to say it made all the difference…

Are looking good and feeling great linked for you?
Well…when I eat healthily and avoid too much alcohol I tend to feel so much better and my skin looks healthy. Unfortunately I’ve got a very sweet tooth, so it can be tricky to stay on track!

What are your go to grooming products?
D. R. Harris is a great band and using it makes me feel quite pampered. I also rate the range from Shiseido Men, their facial cleansing products are highly effective.

Do you ever have any treatments? Massages, facials etc?
My sister once treated me to a great facial, and after I came back from 5 months filming in wintery Poland, let’s just say I needed it.

It’s time to confess. Have you ever had a grooming disaster?
I sported a goatee for a short phase at university. It was originally for a play but I stuck with it for a while… that was pretty odd.

How often do you shave, and with which brand?
When I’m working I have to shave every day so I use a Gillete razor (because I grew up watching my Dad use the same) alongside a D. R. Harris shaving brush and bowl, .

Why acting?
What could be more exhilarating than exploring heightened realities, through characters that live dynamic lives and ride emotional rollercoasters?!

So what did you do to prepare for your role on Victoria?
I wanted to really get to know my character and the world he lived in. I read contemporary newspaper reports about who Mr Drummond was, what his relationship to the queen was, and the kind of work he did for the prime minister. A. N. Wilson’s books provided a great account of life in Victorian England. And there is an amazing drawing (The Bride, The Bridegroom and Sad Love by Simeon Solomon) which really resonated with Mr Drummond’s storyline, that was also useful inspiration.

Make-up and film lights can be tough on the skin. What do you do to combat this?
Absolutely. Fortunately the make-up team provide you with a nice cleanse at the end of the day – we get hot towels and all kinds of soaps and sprays. The make-up truck is like a cosmetic pick and mix – there is literally any product you could wish for.

What’s been your most challenging role to date?
All roles present their challenges, but I’d probably say my character in the film Music War and Love. He has an unbelievably dangerous and epic journey to travel – physically and emotionally – over the course of the film. Circumstance forces him to make difficult and brave decisions.

What is your favourite fragrance, on yourself and others?
I like to wear F! by Fragonard. I like it’s richness and it also reminds me of summer holidays in the South of France.

Your hair looks in good shape…not that we’re jealous or anything. What are your go-to hair products?
That’s very sweet of you. I use Stonefish’s Matte Clay and also Black and White Hair-Dressing Pomade.

Where and with whom are you happiest?
Opening night with family in the audience.

What advice do you have for fledgling actors?
Be proactive! Keep watching films and going to the theatre to remind you what its all about.

Interview by James Linton
Portrait: Mike Blackett

1. Gillette Mach3 Turbo Men's Razor + 11 Blade Refills £25.00 at Boots

2. F by Fragonard €27 from www.fragonard.com

3. Leo on Victoria

4. Jenna Coleman on Victoria

5. Stellen Skaarsgard

6. D.R Harris Shaving Brush £63 from www.drharris.co.uk

7. Black and White Hair Dressing Pomade $9.95 from www.pomades.com

8. Stonefish Matte Clay £5.99 from https://fishsoho.com

9. Leo Suter on set

10. Shiseido Hydro Master gel £28 from www.lookfantastic.com

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