Jim Chapman

‘I’ve got a bit of a thing for Ryan Gosling at the moment!’

Jim Chapman has become somewhat of an internet sensation. By day he is a psychology student, but much like his Spidey hero, he has another identity as a full-time YouTube blogger. His topics vary from grooming, fashion, and latest buzzes whether it’s films or games. Jim has also started to upload videos on his day-to-day activities, which have also proven to be a hit!

Maybe it’s his relatable tone, and down to earth sense of humour, but Jim has acquired a cult following who log in to get his take on the world. What a perfect partner for us here at the Grooming Guide! We caught up with Jim to find out what he really thinks!

Do you think your grooming regime has changed since becoming an internet sensation?
It hasn’t changed a huge amount to be honest. I try to keep it simple and not confuse my skin by switching products too often. As a general rule I cleanse in the morning and at night and I exfoliate 2 or 3 times a week, not forgetting to moisturise daily. One fairly recent addition though, is a hydrating eye-serum. I’m starting to get old!

Do you have any favourite hair products?
My all time favourite is ‘Forming Cream’ by American Crew. It’s really easy to use, gives a fairly natural finish, and a hold that is workable all day.

What advice would you give to guys on taming an unruly brow?
I must be pretty lucky because my brows take zero maintenance (asides from the odd stray that I may find lurking in no-man’s-land). For those guys that do need to pluck, my advice is to pull the skin taught so that the hairs come away easier and less painfully.

Have you ever had a wet-shave? If so, what was it like?
I have indeed. Although on only one occasion, I was a Guinea-Pig for my friend who was learning to use a cut-throat razor, so I wasn’t at my most calm. Luckily my ears are still where they’re supposed be, and in future, I can see myself really enjoying them!

Your girlfriend Tania often joins you in your blogs, do you borrow any products from her?
Occasionally she pins me down and will man-handle my face with some concoction or other. It’s less enjoyable than you might think…she’s stronger than she looks!

What say does she have in your grooming?
Tan is actually the one who taught me everything I know. Before I met her I would just wash my face with soap and water and then complain about being dry. I don’t think she has anything left to teach me now though, so she only get’s involved to tell me to shave!

Are there any male celebrities that influence your grooming techniques?
I have a bit of a thing for Ryan Gosling at the moment! I can’t think of any that have influenced my grooming technique, it’s just something that has developed. But I have multiple man-crushes on celebrities for their talent, faces, bodies, hair etc.

How about any historical characters that you identify with?
Uuuuurrrrmmmmm, does Spider-Man count!? I’m a bit of Spidey nerd, and although I can’t identify with him in many respects…he’s just kickass!

Do you think guys are generally more interested in grooming? If so, what grooming techniques, do you think, have become more popular?
Guys are definitely getting more and more interested, and why not? It takes minimal effort and genuinely makes a huge difference. Lots more men are taking the extra two minutes a day to cleanse and moisturise, some even exfoliate now!

What grooming product has been your biggest splurge?
My most expensive product is the Clarisonic. For one thing, it’s a gadget and I love a good gadget. Other than that, it removes more dirt from your face, and exfoliates more efficiently than can be done manually. This all means that your skin looks brighter, less congested and happier!

Now on the other end of the scale, what is the most pocket friendly, and best grooming product that you have used?
There are lots of good options out there, but I think my favourite budget brand is ‘Bulldog Natural Grooming’. They have a very responsible ethos and are full of great ingredients and not much else.

Interview by: Richard Taverner
Additional research: Ellen Tewkesbury

1. Forming Cream by American Crew £10.05 from www.lookfantastic.com

2. Tweezerman Slant Tweezer £20 from www.feelunique.com

3. Jim blogging

4. Cut-throat razor

5. Clarisonic Mia Skin Cleansing System £120 from John Lewis

6. Jim's girlfriend, Tania

7. Bulldog Natural Grooming range

8. Spiderman

9. Ryan Gosling

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